Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pop Pick: Jack Kirby Collector #70

Each issue of the Jack Kirby Collector is a joy. What's not to like about page after page of Kirby art, much of it rarely seen up until now?

But this issue was particularly strong due a lengthy piece by the late Stan Taylor that makes a very convincing that Kirby created, or a least heavily co-created, Spider-Man. Comics fans have debated this matter for years, but Taylor's piece marshals the evidence in a very convincing and matter-of-fact way, with lots of artwork and archival interview comments that back up his thesis.

Most refreshing of all, is that the article doesn't diminish the vital input Stan Lee and Steve Ditko had into the character. Spidey wouldn't be the same without Lee's character-shaping dialogue and melodrama, or without Ditko's evocative and quirky art. Yet, I came away from this piece thinking that Spidey wouldn't have been at all without Jack's early concepts and story plotting.

If you're interested in comics history, this issue is well worth picking up, which you can do right here.

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