Friday, September 15, 2017

Pop Culture Roundup: Len Wein; Trading card treasure trove; TV 1963; Full Bleed; John Coltrane; Adventure 1962

A stash of unopened 1966 trading cards featuring the Beatles, "Gilligan's Island," "Outer Limits" and more  found in a 90-year-old woman's attic has netted $885,622 at auction so far. Why don't my relatives have magic attics like this?


Comics writer Len Wein, co-creator of Wolverine, Swamp-Thing and numerous other characters, died earlier this week. His friends, fellow comics pros Tony Isabella and Mark Evanier have nice tributes.

A look at the new TV season - from 1964.


Comics publisher IDW is launching a hardcover quarterly "magazine" dedicated to pop culture and is offering opportunities to subscribe to and  help fund the endeavor via Kickstarter.

The first issue of Full Bleed will include in-depth interviews with Stephen King and Alan Moore, a tribute to the late artist Berni Wrightson and more.


A new mural honoring John Coltrane is on display near the jazz legends former Philadelphia home.\

HiLobrow counts down the 10 Best Adventure Stories of 1962.

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