Thursday, April 19, 2018

TwoMorrows publishes expanded, hardcover edition of "The Complete Jack Kirby Checklist"

You can order it here.

Jack Kirby Checklist: Centennial Edition
Limited Edition Hardcover (only 1000 copies)

Now 270 pages (more than DOUBLE the size of the 2008 Gold Edition shown with it here). We originally planned for 256 pages, but simply couldn't fit it all in, so we sprang for those extra pages at no extra cost to you. 

This is truly definitive: fully updated through Jack's 100th birthday in August 2017, with detailed listings of all of Kirby’s published work, reprints, magazines, books, foreign editions, newspaper strips, fine art and collages, fanzines, essays, interviews, portfolios, posters, radio and TV appearances, and even Jack’s unpublished work! 

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