Friday, July 20, 2018

Pop Culture Roundup: The "dying" comics industry; Tarzan inflatables; Ditko's Creeper

Is the comic biz really in as bad a shape as we think it is? Wired investigates.

 At Higgins' store, business is booming—sales in 2017 were up 10 percent from the previous year, and 2018 is tracking to be 20 percent better than 2017. More importantly, for those worried the future is famine, the uptick comes from younger readers looking for titles like Bone, Amulet, Asterix, and Uncle Scrooge. "We have seen an explosion of young people coming in," he says.


Just in time for summer: Plaid Stallions has your Tarzan inflatables.


Diversions of the Groovy Kind spotlights the Steve Ditko's The Creeper. (I wonder if they'd name a superhero the creeper is this day and age).

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