Friday, January 18, 2019

Pop Culture Roundup: Jimmy Stewart and Winnie the Pooh, too; Marvel's Pizzazz; Mickey Mouse; Black Magic Party; Batman '66

ITEM! Jimmy Stewart reads "Winnie the Pooh." (Via the Retroist)

ITEM! The newest issue of Back Issue magazine details the history of Marvel kid mag, Pizzazz. Here's a preview. I was a charter subscriber!

ITEM! A selection of Mickey Mouse Big Little Books. (Via Davy Crockett's Almanack)

ITEM! "Putting a Hex on Hitler" - a 1941 story from Life Magazine about a "black magic party." (Via  Monster Magazine World)

ITEM! When DC's Batman comic took the same tone as the "Batman" TV show. (Via 13th Dimension)

ITEM! Also, a look at the talented sculptors who created lifelike statues of the 1960's Batman series for an elaborate display in Hollywood. (Via 13th Dimension)

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