Friday, October 18, 2019

Pop Culture Roundup: Steve Canyon; Bob Dylan; John Buscema

ITEM! Charting one man's lifelong obsession with "Steve Canyon" and his correspondence with the strip's creator, Milton Caniff.

ITEM! Didn't see this coming: An audio version of Bob Dylan's surreal 1971 book "Tarantula," voiced by actor Will Patton, is out Dec. 3. You can order it from Amazon now.

ITEM! An exhibition called The World of John Buscema: The Art of the Michelangelo of Comics is on display now in Rome. Nice to see this international acclaim for Buscema's masterful work. Now, how about we get a collected edition of Big John's Tarzan work?

ITEM! Steve Ditko illustrates Robin Hood, 1958. I wonder how robbing from the rich and giving to the poor squared with Ditko's objectivist views.

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