Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Pop Culture Roundup: Gil Kane, Austin Briggs, Paul Norris, Courageous Cat

A look at what the neighbors are up to...

Cap'n's Comics shares a selection of Wonder Woman covers by the great Gil Kane. I love this one in particular.

Down the Tubes shines a spotlight on master illustrator Austin Briggs, who ghosted for Alex Raymond on the Flash Gordon comic strip for a time, in addition to doing magazine illustration work.

Davy Crockett shares another Wally Wood story - this time a Western from 1951 featured a masked villainess.

The Fabuleous Fifties checks out Aquaman co-creator Paul Norris' run on the Jungle Jim comic strip.

Plaid Stallions shares pages fom the cool 1970s monster coloring book.
Booksteve found some cool Courageous Cat matchbooks. Hey kids: Don't smoke!

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