BBC set to air radio drama based on The Kinks' "Lola Vs. The Power Man" album

Details from the news release:

"Lola vs. The Powerman" is a new radio play documenting the life of a character in the music business facing the challenging circumstances in which he found himself at the end of the 1960s. 
These circumstances included being under pressure to deliver a hit album, and having to navigate his way through various management, record company and publishing pressures, including contractual arrangements that were preventing him from earning the appropriate royalties for his work. 
He also had a family to support and a band to worry about. The pressure was taking its toll and eating away at his creative spark, leading to a negative spiral. The world was closing in on this character and he couldn't see the way forward, so he sought refuge in ‘Lola’. He fought hard, constantly and in the end managed to rise above it all by using his skills as a writer, composer and artist to survive. 
The play is co-written by Sir Ray Davies and Paul Sirett, 
Listen starting Dec. 11 on BBC Radio 4.

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