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Kinks Announce 'The Journey Part 2' Best of Collection - Preview Video

Out Nov. 17. Order now from Amazon.

Via the Kinks:

Celebrating 60 amazing years of The Kinks with ‘The Journey - Part 2’, the second part of the exciting new 2CD, 2LP, streaming and download anthology series, compiled by the band.

‘The Journey - Part 2’ includes hits, B-sides, album tracks and six new Ray Davies mixes, three of which are previously unreleased live performances. 

Hits featured include: ‘Lola’, ‘Sunny Afternoon’, ‘20th Century Man’, ‘Dedicated Follower Of Fashion’, ‘Till The End Of The Day’, ‘A Well Respected Man’, ‘See My Friends’, and ‘Everybody's A Star (Starmaker)’.

2-CD and 2-LP formats include sleevenotes written by Ray Davies, Dave Davies and Mick Avory.

Remastered audio


The world around the journeyman starts to crumble as his life is turned upside down 

  • DAVID WATTS (1967)
  • MONICA (1968)
  • HE'S EVIL (1974) #                                                               

The journeyman is led astray by ghosts and a dark angel

  • LOLA (1970)
  • ANIMAL FARM (1968)
  • CREEPING JEAN (1969) *
  • TWO SISTERS (1967)
  • SEE MY FRIENDS (1965)
  • MONEY TALKS (2023 MIX) (1974) **
  • NO RETURN (1967) #
  • DON'T YOU FRET (1965) #                                                                            

Our journeyman is seduced by those ghosts and demons of the underworld and searches for his lost innocence

  • I NEED YOU (1965) #
  • RAINY DAY IN JUNE (1966)
  • WHERE ARE THEY NOW? (2023 MIX) (1974) **
  • ALCOHOL (1971) #
  • 20TH CENTURY MAN (1971)
  • ARTIFICIAL MAN (2023 MIX) (1974) ** #

Despair turns to elation as journeyman overcomes his fear. Reunites with old friends

  • BIG SKY (1968)
  • LINCOLN COUNTY (1968) * #
  • GOD'S CHILDREN (1971)                                                                                 




The Kinks Celebrate Their 60th Anniversary with a New Best-Of Collection: The Journey: Part 1

Out March 24. Click to order from Amazon on vinyl, CD or download.

Official details:

"The Journey" is a collection of tracks chosen by the Kinks’ Ray Davies, Dave Davies and Mick Avory that reflect the trials and tribulations of their journey through life together as a band since 1963. 

Contains: hits, key album tracks, singles, band favorites and b-sides. All recordings remastered from original master sources.

Features 8 top 20 hits (of which 5 were top 3) including: Waterloo Sunset, You Really Got Me, Celluloid Heroes, Supersonic Rocket Ship, Dead End Street, death of a clown, all day and all of the night.

Tracks are taken from the classic original Kinks albums, including: Kinda Kinks, Face to Face, Something else and the recently remastered 50th anniversary editions of Village Green Preservation Society, Lola, Muswell Hillbillies and Everybody's in Show-Biz.

Booklets include band photos and personal track by track notes from Ray Davies, Dave Davies & Mick Avory.


  1. You Really Got Me
  2. All Day and All of the Night
  3. It's All Right
  4. Who'll Be the Next In Line
  5. Tired of Waiting for You
  6. Dandy
  7. She's Got Everything
  8. Just Can't Go to Sleep
  9. Stop Your Sobbing
  10. Wait Till the Summer Comes Along
  11. So Long
  12. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
  13. Dead End Street
  14. Wonderboy
  15. Schooldays
  16. The Hard Way
  17. Mindless Child of Motherhood
  18. Supersonic Rocket Ship
  19. I'm in Disgrace
  20. Do You Remember Walter?
  21. Too Much On My Mind
  22. Nothin' In the World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout That Girl
  23. Days
  24. Last of the Steam-Powered Trains
  25. Where Have All the Good Times Gone
  26. Strangers
  27. It's Too Late
  28. Sitting in the Midday Sun
  29. Waterloo Sunset
  30. Australia
  31. No More Looking Back
  32. Death of a Clown - By Dave Davies
  33. Celluloid Heroes
  34. Act Nice and Gentle
  35. This Is Where I Belong
  36. Shangri-La

BBC set to air radio drama based on The Kinks' "Lola Vs. The Power Man" album

Details from the news release:

"Lola vs. The Powerman" is a new radio play documenting the life of a character in the music business facing the challenging circumstances in which he found himself at the end of the 1960s. 
These circumstances included being under pressure to deliver a hit album, and having to navigate his way through various management, record company and publishing pressures, including contractual arrangements that were preventing him from earning the appropriate royalties for his work. 
He also had a family to support and a band to worry about. The pressure was taking its toll and eating away at his creative spark, leading to a negative spiral. The world was closing in on this character and he couldn't see the way forward, so he sought refuge in ‘Lola’. He fought hard, constantly and in the end managed to rise above it all by using his skills as a writer, composer and artist to survive. 
The play is co-written by Sir Ray Davies and Paul Sirett, 
Listen starting Dec. 11 on BBC Radio 4.

The Kinks' Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Pt. 1 collected, expanded in new box set

This is the last of the front-to-back, truly great Kinks albums, in my view, before Ray Davies' conceptual pretensions too often started getting in the way of his writing strong, stand-alone tunes. (The same thing happened, around the same time, to Pete Townshend!) 

You can order the box now from Amazon.

If you're not up for the full-meal deal, there's a double-CD version that includes the remastered album and what looks like the best outtakes.


THE KINKS LOLA VERSUS POWERMAN AND THE MONEYGOROUND, PART ONE DELUXE BOX SET ‘Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One’ is the eighth studio album by The Kinks, one of the most influential rock acts of all time, and was recorded and released in 1970. A concept album, it is a satirical appraisal of the music industry, including song publishers, unions, the press, accountants, business managers, and life on the road. This classic album appeared during a transitional period for the Kinks, and was a critical and commercial success. This set is a limited edition, lavishly packaged, 50th anniversary deluxe 10” book-pack of that album, containing many previously unreleased tracks and versions. Produced in association with The Kinks, with audio & visual content curated by Ray Davies. Matt laminated rigid slipcase featuring the original LP cover reproduced with foil and metallic silver finishes. 3 x CDs containing: Original album new remaster from original HD master tapes, singles (stereo and mono mixes), B-sides, alternate original mixes, new medleys with Ray & Dave Davies conversations, new Ray Davies remixes & original session out-takes, previously unreleased session & live tape audio, instrumental & acoustic versions, previously unreleased demos & BBC material. 2 x reproduced original 7” picture bag singles, remastered audio. 60 page, hardback book with extensive notes, new band quotes, Kinks ‘1970 diary’, rare photos & memorabilia. 4 x small glossy printed kinks photos. Features the hit singles ‘Lola’ & ‘Apeman’.

BBC Radio plans drama based on The Kinks' "Arthur" LP

The Kinks' Arthur (or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a new box set out soon, and now the BBC has announced a new radio drama based on the concept LP.

The program airs Nov. 2 and, I assume, will be available afterward for streaming via Radio 4.

Arthur has been adapted by The Kinks frontman and modern music icon Ray Davies himself, alongside Olivier-nominated playwright, dramaturg and musician Paul Sirett.
The story - of both the drama and the original album - sees a close-knit, working-class family torn apart when Ray's brother-in-law, Arthur, decides to move his family half way around the world to Australia.
Ray Davies says: “The album Arthur (Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire) is inspired by real life events. Arthur’s generation returned from war to find Britain’s future in the midst of cultural and social change and political uncertainty, much like today. A play set yesterday about all our tomorrows.”
Arthur features songs written at a pivotal time in British culture that have been re-versioned especially for Radio 4, fifty years later. The cast includes Lee Ross as Arthur and Rosie Cavaliero as Rose.
Radio 4 Commissioning Editor for Drama and Fiction, Alison Hindell, says: “It's not often that a radio drama makes you want to dance as you listen but this reinvention of Ray Davies and The Kinks' seminal album really does. It's a heartfelt true story of a particular moment in recent history that has resonances today about the ways in which we connect as humans at times of great social change - through story, music, home and family.”
The Songs:
  • Victoria… performed by The Kinks
  • The Future… performed by Arthur and the Emigrants
  • The Village Green… performed by Rosie Cavaliero
  • Arthur - version 1… performed by Arthur and the Emigrants
  • Arthur - version 2… performed by The Kinks
  • Some Mother’s Son… performed by The Kinks
  • The Future... performed by Mark Newnham
  • Yes Sir, No Sir - version 1… performed by The Kinks
  • Yes Sir, No Sir - version 2… performed by Lee Ross
  • Drivin’… performed by The Kinks, Lee Ross and Rosie Cavaliero
  • Mr Churchill Says… performed by The Kinks
  • Brainwashed… performed by Ben Norris, Mark Newnham, Stephen Lloyd and Arthur Hughes
  • Waterloo Sunset… performed by Mark Newnham
  • Australia… performed by Lee Ross and The Kinks
  • Pictures In The Sand… performed by Lee Ross
  • Young And Innocent Days… performed by Rosie Cavaliero
  • Nothing To Say… performed by Ben Norris
  • Postcard From London… performed by Rosie Cavaliero and Ray Davies
  • You Really Got Me… performed by the Kinks
  • Shangri-La... performed by The Kinks
Guitar by Bill Shanley
All Songs Written By Ray Davies
Cast and crew:
  • Arthur… Lee Ross
  • Rose… Rosie Cavaliero
  • Ray… Stephen Lloyd
  • Bobby… Arthur Hughes
  • Dave… Mark Newnham
  • Terry… Ben Norris
  • Julie/Sally… Emerald O’Hanrahan
  • Mr Henderson… David Holt
  • Mum… Karen Spicer
  • Dad/Jones… Wayne Norman
Sound Engineers: David Thomas and Matt Jaggar
Production Coordinator: Sarah Tombling
Musical Director: Harvey Brough
Director: Karen Rose
Producers: Karen Rose and Ray Davies

Listen: The Kinks "Shangri-La" 2019 remix

From the upcoming Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire 50th Anniversary Edition.

A Kinks reunion?

Ray Davies says he, brother Dave and drummer Mick Avory are working on a new LP, their first since 1996. I suppose he and Dave could always come to blows before it's completed, but it appears as if it really may be happening this time.

See Ray's interview with Britain's Channel 4: