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Coming Up: The Searchers - When You Walk In The Room: Complete Pye Recordings 1963-1967

Out April 5. Order from Amazon now.

Details from Grapefruit Records:

The Searchers - still with stalwart members John McNally and Frank Allen in their line-up - recently announced they would retire at the end of March 2019, bringing to an end an astonishing unbroken run of around sixty years for one of the most influential and enduring groups in British pop history.

One of the more introspective acts to emerge from the Merseybeat group wars of the early Sixties, The Searchers' high vocal harmonies, jingle-jangle guitars and tales of male vulnerability saw them notch a trio of UK No. 1 singles and several popular EPs and albums, with debut LP "Meet The Searchers" spending an incredible ten months in the listings. But although their chart statistics were impressive, The Searchers' place in the rock history books owes at least as much to their seismic level of influence, with the likes of 'Needles And Pins' and the peerless 'When You Walk In The Room' providing The Byrds - and, by extension, the likes of Tom Petty, REM and a whole host of skinny-tied power poppers - with their musical template.

Although the group made some fine records throughout their prodigious career, their peak period in terms of sales, influence and musical excellence occurred during a dazzling four-year mid-Sixties spell with the Pye label.

The first-ever complete anthology of one of British pop's most pivotal catalogues, the 6-CD set When You Walk In The Room assembles all of the group's Pye recordings, with mono and stereo versions of their albums joined by studio outtakes, foreign language recordings and, on the sixth disc, a treasure trove of non-LP singles and EP tracks.

Housed in a clambox design that includes a 36 page booklet with a new 6000 word essay on the band, When You Walk In The Room is a sumptuous tribute to an act who, for a glorious year or two, were arguably the country's only serious rivals to The Beatles. 

Disc: 1

  1. Sweets for My Sweet
  2. Alright
  3. Love Potion Number Nine
  4. Farmer John
  5. Stand By Me
  6. Money (That's What I Want)
  7. Da Doo Ron Ron
  8. Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya
  9. Since You Broke My Heart
  10. Tricky Dicky
  11. Where Have All the Flowers Gone
  12. Twist and Shout-Stereo
  13. Sweets for My Sweet
  14. Alright
  15. Love Potion Number Nine
  16. Farmer John
  17. Stand By Me
  18. Money (That's What I Want)
  19. Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya
  20. Since You Broke My Heart
  21. Tricky Dicky
  22. Twist and Shout
  23. Liebe (Money (That's What I Want)) (German Language Version)
  24. Farmer John (German Language Version)


Disc: 2

  1. Mais C'etait Un Reve (It's All Been a Dream) (French Language Version)
  2. Sugar and Spice
  3. Don't Cha Know
  4. Some Other Guy
  5. One of These Days
  6. Listen to Me
  7. Unhappy Girls
  8. Ain't That Just Like Me
  9. Oh My Lover
  10. Saints and Searchers
  11. Cherry Stones
  12. All My Sorrows
  13. Hungry for Love
  14. Sugar and Spice
  15. Don't Cha Know
  16. Some Other Guy
  17. One of These Days
  18. Listen to Me
  19. Unhappy Girls
  20. Ain't That Just Like Me
  21. Oh My Lover
  22. Saints and Searchers
  23. Cherry Stones
  24. All My Sorrows
  25. Hungry for Love
  26. Bye Bye Johnny
  27. I Don't Want to Go on Without You (Alternative Version)
  28. Once Upon a Time
  29. C'est de Notre Age (Sugar and Spice) (French Language Version)
  30. Ils la Chantaient Il y a Longtemps (Saints and Searchers) (French Language Version)


Disc: 3

  1. Suß Ist Sie (Sugar and Spice) (German Language Version)
  2. It's in Her Kiss
  3. Glad All Over
  4. Sea of Heartbreak
  5. Livin' Lovin' Wreck
  6. Where Have You Been
  7. Shimmy Shimmy
  8. Needles and Pins
  9. This Empty Place
  10. Gonna Send You Back to Georgia
  11. I Count the Tears
  12. Hi Heel Sneakers
  13. Can't Help Forgiving You
  14. Sho' Know Enough About Love
  15. Don't Throw Your Love Away
  16. It's in Her Kiss
  17. Glad All Over
  18. Sea of Heartbreak
  19. Livin' Lovin' Wreck
  20. Where Have You Been
  21. Shimmy Shimmy
  22. Needles and Pins
  23. This Empty Place
  24. Gonna Send You Back to Georgia
  25. I Count the Tears
  26. Hi Heel Sneakers
  27. Can't Help Forgiving You
  28. Sho' Know Enough About Love
  29. Don't Throw Your Love Away
  30. I (Who Have Nothing)
  31. Shame, Shame, Shame
  32. Tausend Nadelstiche (Needles and Pins) (German Language Version)
  33. C'est Arrive Comme Ca (Don't Throw Your Love Away) (French Language Version)


Disc: 4

  1. Everybody Come and Clap Your Hands
  2. If I Could I Could Find Someone
  3. Magic Potion
  4. I Don't Want to Go on Without You
  5. Bumble Bee
  6. Something You Got Baby
  7. Let the Good Times Roll
  8. A Tear Fell
  9. Till You Say You'll Be Mine
  10. You Wanna Make Her Happy
  11. Everything You Do
  12. Goodnight Baby
  13. Everybody Come and Clap Your Hands
  14. If I Could Find Someone
  15. Magic Potion
  16. I Don't Want to Go on Without You
  17. Bumble Bee
  18. Something You Got Baby
  19. Let the Good Times Roll
  20. A Tear Fell
  21. Till You Say You'll Be Mine
  22. You Wanna Make Her Happy
  23. Everything You Do
  24. Goodnight Baby
  25. Wenn Ich Dich Seh' (When You Walk in the Room) (German Language Version)


Disc: 5

  1. I'm Ready
  2. I'll Be Doggone
  3. Does She Really Care for Me
  4. It's Time
  5. Too Many Miles
  6. You Can't Lie to a Liar
  7. Don't You Know Why
  8. I'm Your Loving Man
  9. Each Time
  10. Be My Baby
  11. Four Strong Winds
  12. Take Me for What I'm Worth
  13. I'm Ready
  14. I'll Be Doggone
  15. Does She Really Care for Me
  16. It's Time
  17. Too Many Miles
  18. You Can't Lie to a Liar
  19. Don't You Know Why
  20. I'm Your Loving Man
  21. Each Time
  22. Be My Baby
  23. Four Strong Winds
  24. Take Me for What I'm Worth
  25. I'll Be Doggone (Alternative Version)
  26. Verzeih' My Love (Goodbye My Love) (German Language Version)


Disc: 6

  1. It's All Been a Dream
  2. Saturday Night Out
  3. I Pretend I'm with You
  4. Someday We're Gonna Love Again
  5. No One Else Could Love Me
  6. When You Walk in the Room
  7. (I'll Be) Missing You
  8. What Have They Done to the Rain
  9. This Feeling Inside
  10. The System
  11. Goodbye My Love
  12. 'Til I Met You
  13. He's Got No Love
  14. So Far Away
  15. When I Get Home
  16. I'm Never Coming Back
  17. Take It or Leave It
  18. Don't Hide It Away
  19. Have You Ever Loved Somebody
  20. It's Just the Way (Love Will Come and Go)
  21. Popcorn, Double Feature
  22. Lovers
  23. Western Union
  24. I'll Cry Tomorrow
  25. Secondhand Dealer
  26. Crazy Dreams

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