Pop culture roundup: Amoeba's vinyl vault; Bradley Wiggins and the Who; Everly Brothers nuggets; Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan interviewed; Beatles

One of the world's great remaining record stores, Amoeba in the Bay Area, has launched a new download service of digitized vinyl rarities. Check out here. Some background from Boing Boing:

"We've been digitizing a lot," says Jim Henderson, who owns Amoeba along with partners Marc Weinstein, Karen Pearson and Dave Prinz. "What you see now is the lost-between-the-cracks, underappreciated, undervalued (music) from dead labels, (obscure) artists, stuff that we really stand behind. It's mostly in the rock genre, with a lot of jazz, a lot of blues, some country, some spoken word. There are some oddities for sure."

Many of the LPs have been getting remastering upgrades from the original vinyl and shellac sources. Currently, there are only about 1,000 titles for sale, but Amoeba is adding 10 or 15 more every day.
Some Vinyl Vaults artists are readily familiar, and in some cases Amoeba's source material emanates from its owners' own collections. Some of Prinz's rare Louis Armstrong 78s were digitized and are being sold as downloads, while Weinstein's prized collection of 144 Sun Ra albums has also been ripped.

Olympic cyclist and mod Bradley Wiggins has scored free tix to an upcoming performance of Quadrophenia by The Who.
The band are a big favourite of cyclist Wiggins, who also won the Tour De France in 2012 and took home the prestigious BBC Sports Personality of the Year award. Revealing that they are yet to meet but establishing plans to get together later in the year, Roger Daltrey of The Who said: "He is invited to any of our shows,” says Roger. “I’ve written and told him that. I’m sure we will meet him - he has a free pass to any show he likes."

As a tie-in to an Everly Brothers article in its latest issue, Mojo mag has posted a pretty cool playlist of off-the-beaten-path tunes by the glorious duo. Listen here.


Via Dangerous Minds: A 1970 interview of British comics and Goon Show stars Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers.


The former HQ of the Beatles' Apple Corps, and site of the Fabs' famous rooftop concert, may become an Abercrombie & Fitch.