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Upcoming Marvel Essential volumes

Here's a look at Marvel Essentials planned for later in the year. Click the links to pre-order any of the titles from Amazon.

Essential Ghost Rider Vol. 3

Essential Marvel Team-Up Vol. 3

Essential Doctor Strange Vol. 4

Essential Captain Marvel Vol. 1

He made a big Return during Civil War, but how'd he get here in the first place? Watch the wonders of Mar-Vell right from the start in stories reprinted for the first time in more than 25 years! Earth's newest protector faces such forgotten furies as Mandroid, Man-Slayer, and the Metazoid - along with the Super-Skrull, Ronan the Accuser, and more of the deadliest dynamos from three galaxies! Plus: the start of his lifelong bond, molecular and otherwise, with professional sidekick Rick Jones! But where there's Rick, can a jade-skinned giant be far behind? Also guest-starring Iron Man and Namor the Sub-Mariner - and introducing Carol Danvers, later known as Ms. Marvel! Collects Marvel Super-Heroes #12-13 and Captain Marvel #1-21

Marvel Essentials Complete List

Click links to order from Amazon.

Essential Ant-Man, Volume 1

The Avengers
Essential Avengers, Volume 1
Essential Avengers, Volume 2
Essential Avengers, Volume 3
Essential Avengers, Volume 4
Essential Avengers, Volume 5

Captain America
Essential Captain America, Volume 1
Essential Captain America, Volume 2
Essential Captain America, Volume 3

Essential Conan, Volume 1

Essential Daredevil, Volume 1
Essential Daredevil, Volume 2
Essential Daredevil, Volume 3

Essential Defenders, Volume 1
Essential Defenders, Volume 2
Essential Defenders, Volume 3

Doctor Strange
Essential Doctor Strange, Volume 1
Essential Doctor Strange, Volume 2

Fantastic Four
Essential Fantastic Four, Volume 1
Essential Fantastic Four, Volume 2
Essential Fantastic Four, Volume 3
Essential Fantastic Four, Volume 4
Essential Fantastic Four, Volume 5
Essential Fantastic Four, Volume 6

Ghost Rider
Essential Ghost Rider, Volume 1
Essential Ghost Rider, Volume 2

Essential Godzilla, Volume 1

Golden Age Marvel Comics
Essential Golden Age Marvel Comics, Volume 1

Howard the Duck
Essential Howard The Duck, Volume 1

The Hulk
Essential Hulk, Volume 1
Essential Hulk, Volume 2
Essential Hulk, Volum 3
Essential Hulk, Volume 4

The Human Torch
Essential Human Torch

Iron Fist
Essential Iron Fist, Volume 1

Iron Man
Essential Iron Man, Volume 1
Essential Iron Man, Volume 2

Essential Killraven, Volume 1

Luke Cage Power-Man
Essential Luke Cage Power-Man, Volume 1
Essential Luke Cage Power-Man, Volume 2

Essential Man-Thing, Volume 1

Marvel Horror
Essential Marvel Horror, Volume 1

Marvel Team-Up
Essential Marvel Team-Up, Volume 1
Essential Marvel Team-Up, Volume 2

Marvel Two-in-One
Essential Marvel Two-in-One, Vol. 1
Essential Marvel Two-in-One, Vol. 2

Moon Knight
Essential Moon Knight, Volume 1

Monster of Frankenstein
Essential Monster of Frankenstein, Volume 1

Ms. Marvel
Essential Ms. Marvel, Volume 1

Essential Nova, Volume 1

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe
Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Volume 1
Essential Offical Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Volume 2
Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Volume 3

Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man
Essential Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man, Volume 1
Essential Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man, Volume 2
Essential Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man, Volume 3

Essential Punisher, Volume 1
Essential Punisher, Volume 2

Rampaging Hulk
Essential Rampaging Hulk, Volume 1

Savage She-Hulk
Essential Savage She-Hulk, Volume 1

Silver Surfer
Essential Silver Surfer, Volume 1

Essential Spider-Man, Volume 1
Essential Spider-Man, Volume 2
Essential Spider-Man, Volume 3
Essential Spider-Man, Volume 4
Essential Spider-Man, Volume 5
Essential Spider-Man, Volume 6
Essential Spider-Man, Volume 7
Essential Spider-Man, Volume 8

Essential Spider-Woman, Volume 1

Super-Villain Team-Up
Essential Super-Villain Team-Up, Volume 1

Tales of the Zombie
Essential Tales of the Zombie, Volume 1

Essential Thor, Volume 1
Essential Thor, Volume 2
Essential Thor, Volume 3

Tomb of Dracula
Essential Tomb of Dracula Vol. 1
Essential Tomb of Dracula, Volume 2
Essential Tomb of Dracula, Volume 3
Essential Tomb of Dracula, Volume 4

Werewolf By Night
Essential Werewolf By Night, Volume 1

Essential Wolverine, Volume 1
Essential Wolverine, Volume 2
Essential Wolverine, Volume 3
Essential Wolverine, Volume 4

Essential X-Factor, Vol. 1
Essential X-Factor, Vol. 2

The X-Men (original)
Essential Uncanny X-Men, Volume 1
Essential Uncanny X-Men, Volume 2

The X-Men (new)
Essential X-Men, Volume 1
Essential X-Men, Volume 2
Essential X-Men, Volume 3
Essential X-Men, Volume 4
Essential X-Men, Volume 5
Essential X-Men, Volume 6
Essential X-Men, Volume 7