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Best Comics News and Review Sites on the Web

Good site for the latest news from the major comics' publishers. Also see: The Comics Continuum.

The Comics Journal
Online home for the influential critical journal. Gives a peek into the latest print issues, plus occasional full articles and "audio archives" featuring interviews with top writers and artists. They have a great message board too.

Comic Book Resources
One of the more extensive comics news sites on the Web. Includes the excellent and very funny column Oddball Comics, which features unintentionally hilarious art from comics of the past, and a groovy section featuring sound files of superhero cartoon shows. "Spider-man, Spider-man, does what ever a spider can..."

Superhero Hype
This site does a nice job of tracking all the buzz about the increasingly popular superhero movie genre.

Comics Worth Reading
One fan's thoughtful commentary on the latest comics from major and independent publishers alike.

Comic Monsters
Dedicated to horror and monster comics of all stripes (and even those without stripes).

Best Toy Car Sites on the Web

Corgi: Official Site
Order online, information about collecting, news, latest series (which they call "ranges"). Also see: Vintage Corgi/Dinky Toy Catalogues for tons of drool-inducing photos.

Hot Wheels: Official site
Information on the latest cars and paraphernalia, collectors club info.

Matchbox Toys: Official Site
Info and pictures of the latest releases, history of Matchbox cars.

Shabbir Malik's Matchbox Page
A wealth of information on the history of Matchbox cars with a guide to reference books/price guides and useful links.

Best Movie Serial Sites on the Web

Flash Gordon
Great historical resource on the 30s and 40s movie serials based on Alex Raymond's famed comic strip.

The Serial Squadron
Extensive site with info on movie serials and radio series, including info on different characters, news about what's newly available on DVD and much more.

Best DC Comics Sites on the Web

DC Comics: official site
Online home to the publishers of Superman, Batman and many more. Includes news about upcoming comics, animated online comics, info about characters and more.

DC History
A very nice collection of timelines that detail the real-life publishing history of DC Comics from the beginning.

Toy Otter
Offering a wealth of information about DC Comics action figure lines from various manufacturers. Lots of pictures.
Also see: The Complete Guide to Batman-related Toys.

Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics
A huge site dedicated to DC history, including indexes of comics titles and an enormous cover scan gallery.

Infinite Atlas
A detailed guide to the pre- and post-Crisis on Infinite Earths' DC Universe. You know, Earths 1-3, etc. The page details significant happenings and mentions of all these worlds in DC's comics throughout history.

DC Comics Fortress of Memorabilia
Our own extensive image collection of off-beat and classic DC Comics-related memorabilia.

The World's Finest
A nice site dedicated to the Warner Bros. cartoon versions of Batman, Superman and the Justice Leage, featuring news, program schedules and episode guides for "Batman: The Animated Series," "Superman: The Animated Series," "Batman Beyond" and "Justice League."

Best Comic Strip Sites on the Web

Comics Revue
Web site for a magazine that republishes classic runs of comic strips including Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant, Tarzan and the Phantom.

Windsor McKay
A brief bio and some illustrations by the "Little Nemo" creator and early animator.

Walt Kelly
Biographical information about the Pogo artist/philosopher.

The Official Pogo Website
A classic strip featured each week, plus biographical info on Walt Kelly, info on Pogo books and more.

George Herriman
A nice tribute to the "Krazy Kat" creator with illustrations and bibliography.

Creators Syndicate
Featuring Spider-Man, Blondie, Apartment 3-G, Barney Google, Flash Gordon, Dennis the Menace, Mandrake, Mutts, the Phantom, Prince Valiant, Zippy and more!

King Features Syndicate
Featuring Liberty Meadows, B.C., Heathcliff, Archie and more.

United Feature Syndicate
Featuring Alley Oop, Get Fuzzy, Nancy, Peanuts, Tarzan, Ripley's Believe It or Not and more.

Get access to many of the strips mentioned in the entries above. Allows you to create your own comics page (for a subscription price).

Best Comic Book Cover Scans Sites on the Web

Comic Book Cover Scans

The Grand Comic Book Database
Along with info about story titles, creators, character appearances for thousands of comics, this site also features a huge number of comic book cover scans dating from the Golden Age to present day. The most important comic book site on the Web.

The Timely Comics-Atlas Cover Gallery
1940s comics cover art from the company's pre-Marvel days.

EC Comics Cover Scans Gallery
Excellent collection of EC's sci-fi and horror comics covers of the 1950s.

The Mad Cover Site
What, you worry? Don't. You can find scans of every single dang cover of Mad Magazine here.

Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics Cover Gallery
A huge gallery of comics scans from the Golden Age to present, including covers for Fawcett, Quality and Charlton comics titles.

Nick Simon's Silver Age Marvel Cover Index
Huge gallery of covers from the 1960s and early 70s.

Captain America: Classic Comic Book Covers
A large selection of Cap scans dating back to the 1940s.

Gorilla Comic Book Covers
Lots of comic book covers featuring, um, gorillas.

Ben Samuel's Golden Age Comic Cover Gallery
Nice collection of classic superhero, war, good girl and horror cover images, plus a mini gallery dedicated to the work of Timely Comics great Alex Shomburg.


Comic Art Community: Gallery of Comic Art
Featuring hundreds of conventions sketches, page art, etc., by well-known comics artists both classic and current.

Comic Art Fans
An online bulletin board where collector's can post their own examples of original comic art--both amateur and professional.


Famous Monsters of Filmland
View historical covers of this monster movie fanzine.

Life Magazine Covers
The mag's official gallery of historical cover images.

Time Magazine Covers
Official gallery featuring every issue of Time.

Great books about comics

Men Of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters, and the Birth of the Comic Book

Give Our Regards to the Atomsmashers! Writings about Comics

Baby Boomer Comics

The Silver Age of Comic Book Art

Sense of Wonder: A Life in Comic Fandom

The Golden Age of Comic Fandom

The Steranko History of Comic Books

All in Color for a Dime

Alter Ego: The Best of the Legendary Fanzine

Commies, Cowboys, and Jungle Queens: Comic Books and America, 1945-1954

Comic Book Nation : The Transformation of Youth Culture in America

The Fawcett Companion

The Warren Companion

The Comic Book Makers

Seal of Approval: The History of the Comics Code

Marvel: Five Fabulous Decades

The Comic Book Book

DC: Sixty Years of the World's Greatest Comics

The Photo Journal Guide to Comic Books

Comic Wars: How Two Tycoons Battled over the Marvel Comics Empire--And Both Lost

The Classic Era of American Comics

Best Elvis Sites on the Web The Official Site
The official site for the Elvis estate and Graceland. Get the latest news about CD releases, TV broadcasts of Elvis movies, learn about visiting Graceland, buy memorabilia (including a Belgian chocolate Elvis guitar), read bio information and more.

Elvis and Nixon
A National Archives and Records site documenting in words and pictures the bizarre 1970 meeting between the King and Tricky Dick. Includes the classic handshake photo.

Elvis Presley: Superstar
Dedicated to the Elvis of the 70s--the white jumpsuit era--with pictures, MP3 concert recordings and bio info.

The Elvis Information Network
Comprehensive all-purpose information site with news, CD and DVD information, a biographical timeline, news clippings and interviews and bibliography. Well done.

Best Spider-Man Sites on the Web

The Amazing Spider-Man Gallery
Detailed information--including plot summaries and creative teams--on Spider-Man comics from the 1960s to today. A great resource for information on the character. Lots of cover scans.
Another well-done fan page. A good spot for reviews of the most recent Spidey comics and the latest news.

Best History of Comic Book Sites on the Web

The Grand Comic Book Database
An ambitious and glorious attempt to catalog every comic book in existence. Pay a visit and do searches by character, writer, publisher, artist. View story titles and view comics covers. The best, and most important, comics site on the Web.

Don Markstein's Toonopedia
A huge site featuring information on hundreds of different comics characters from throughout the history of publishing, plus info on various creators and publishing companies.

A resource site for people who have a scholarly interest in comic books (don't we all?), featuring detailed bibliographies on books about comics history, creators, characters and more. Very interesting and well done.

Michigan State University: Comic Art Collection Home Page
Regarded as the best library collection of comic books and related materials in the United States, the MSU site allows you to browse through an electronic catalog of its holidings. A great way to find titles of books written about the history of comics, particular creators and companies. This is the place to start if you're writing a paper or book related to comic book history.

Classic Comic Books
A thoroughly researched and very detailed guide to some of the most important characters and series of the Golden and Silver Ages of comics.

Super Marketing: Ads from the Comic Books
Ever order a batch of Sea Monkeys and wonder where their clothes and tiny crowns and tridents were?

The Gorilla Age of Comics
Sure, you've heard about the Golden Age, the Silver Age, maybe even the Bronze Age of comics. But people went, um, ape over gorillas in 1950s and 60s sci-fi comics. Learn all about it here.

Crime Comic Books of the 40s and 50s
Info about and cover scans of these hardboiled comics of the past.

Super Hero Foods
A humorous look at all the ways buff superheroes have been used over the years to sell junk food. Includes videos and pics of vintage ads.

Best Books About the History of Comic Books

Men Of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters, and the Birth of the Comic Book

Give Our Regards to the Atomsmashers! Writings about Comics

Baby Boomer Comics

The Silver Age of Comic Book Art

Sense of Wonder: A Life in Comic Fandom

The Golden Age of Comic Fandom

The Steranko History of Comic Books

All in Color for a Dime

Alter Ego: The Best of the Legendary Fanzine

Commies, Cowboys, and Jungle Queens: Comic Books and America, 1945-1954

Comic Book Nation : The Transformation of Youth Culture in America

The Fawcett Companion

The Warren Companion

The Comic Book Makers

Seal of Approval: The History of the Comics Code

Marvel: Five Fabulous Decades

The Comic Book Book

DC: Sixty Years of the World's Greatest Comics

The Photo Journal Guide to Comic Books

Comic Wars: How Two Tycoons Battled over the Marvel Comics Empire--And Both Lost

The Classic Era of American Comics

Best Disney Sites on the Web

Disney: Official Site
Information about everything Disney related: Theme parks, movies, TV shows, shopping, etc.

The Disneyland Collectibles Reference
Pictures and details on more than 1,000 items related to Disney's original theme park.

Disney Information Guide
An informal, unbiased guide to visiting Disneyland. Up to date info on how to get the most out of your trip. Plus Disneyland related rumors and gossip.

A Visit to Yesterdayland: The Discontinued Disneyland
A nostalgic look at park attractions of the past.

Disneyland Postcards
A huge selection of vintage postcards chart the ever-changing look of the original magic kingdom.

Disney Comics Mailing List
No-graphics site for the mailing list. Includes historial information on Disney characters in the comics and links to more information.

Buy Carl Barks Disney Comics: Gemstone Back Issues
You can get back issues of Gemstone's revived Disney Comics line from Amazon.

Jacob's Disney Comics Web Site
Featuring info and art by Donald Duck artist Carl Barks and Mickey Mouse artist Floyd Gottfredson.

A Guidebook to the Carl Barks Universe
Dedicated to the famed Duck artist. Include artwork, information and a bibliography.

Grimble Gromble's Carl Barks Page
More art samples, including some rare material.

Best James Bond Sites on the Web

The official MGM site, with info about the latest Bond flicks, DVD releases, plus Miss Moneypenny's Rolodex: a database featuring film synopses, character profiles, Bond Girl pics and info and more.

James Bond Movie Posters
Our own selection of Bond movie one-sheets.

The Definitive James Bond Sounds Page
Get yer campy sound bytes from 007 movies here.

James Bond DVDs complete list

James Bond Ultimate Edition - Vol. 1
James Bond Ultimate Edition - Vol. 2
James Bond Ultimate Edition - Vol. 3
James Bond Ultimate Edition - Vol. 4

Dr. No
Casino Royale (1967)
From Russia With Love
You Only Live Twice
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Diamonds Are Forever
Live and Let Die
The Man with the Golden Gun
The Spy Who Loved Me
For Your Eyes Only
A View to a Kill
Never Say Never Again
The Living Daylights
License to Kill
Tomorrow Never Dies
The World is Not Enough
Casino Royale (2006)

Best Sunshine Pop Sites on the Web

Sunshine Pop: Do You Believe in Magic
Tracing the history of the happy, harmonic sounds of 1960s West Coast pop by the likes of the Association, Millenium, Sagittarius, Curt Boettcher and more. There's a nice, short overview of the Sunshine scene here too.

Millennium & Sagittarius: The Untold Story of the Pioneers of Sunshine Pop
A nice overview of these to great lost groups. Pop fans, particularly those of "Pet Sounds" era Beach Boys will love the glorious melodies and harmonies. More here.

The Yellow Balloon
Tracing the history of the one-album studio band co-led by "My Three Sons" star Don Grady and L.A. super producer Gary Zekley.

The Free Design
A discographical and biographical overiew of the New York 60s soft pop band.

Spectropop's Curt Boettcher Page
Biographical and discographical information on the legendary producer who pioneered 60s harmony pop with the Association, Millennium, Ballroom and Sagittarius.

Sandy Salisbury's Music
The home page of the Saggitarius, Millennium/Ballroom and solo singer. Info about his various recordings and what he's up to now (writing juvenille fiction, mostly, and winnings lots of awards for it).

The Surf and Hot Rod Sounds of Gary Usher
Information about the L.A. producer and Brian Wilson collaborator who pioneered surf'n'drag and the Sunshine sound. Includes a nice discography and info on CDs featuring his work.

Spectropop: Spector, Brill, Gold Star and Girl Groups
A great site dedicated to the glories of U.S. 60s pop, including all mentioned in the subtitle, plus Sunshine Pop, Garage, surf'n'drag and more. Includes a mailing list.

A Sunshine Pop Discography

The Association
And Then Along Comes Mary
Just the Right Sound

Curt Boettcher
Misty Mirage
There's an Innocent Face

The Free Design
The Very Best Of Free Design
Cosmic Peecaboo
Heaven / Earth (Ltd Ed)
Kites Are Fun
One By One
Sing For Very Important People (Ltd Ed)
Stars / Time / Bubbles / Love
You Could Have Been Born Again (Ltd Ed)

Harper's Bizarre
Anything Goes
Feelin' Groovy
Secret Life of...

The Millennium
Magic Time- The Millennium-Ballroom Sessions
Second Millennium

Present Tense
Blue Marble

Sandy Salisbury
Falling to Pieces

Wendy and Bonnie

The Yellow Balloon
The Yellow Balloon

Best Gerry Anderson Thunderbirds Sites on the Web

The Thunderbirds
A fan resource to the adventures of those space-faring marionettes. Includes an episode guide and info about Thunderbirds DVDs and other merchandise, along with links to info about other Gerry Anderson productions, such as "Space 1999."

Thunderbirds Are Go!
Another informative fan site.

Best X-Men Sites on the Web

A huge fan site dedicated to everything X-men related: comics, movies, cartoons, games, etc.

DRG4’s X-men: the Animated Series Page
A thorough fan site dedicated to the mutants’ animated adventures.

X-men Hype!
A great site for news about X-men movies. Visit here to check out the latest rumors and news on toy tie-ins and much more.

Best Shadow Sites on the Web

The Shadow's WWW Sanctum
Good resource for information about the Shadow in his many incarnations: in pulps, comics, movie serials and--of course--radio.

The Shadow in Review
Read reviews of 325 Shadow mysteries and get more info about the character.

Jim Steranko Shadow book covers
Our own collection of Steranko's evocative Shadow cover paintings.

Best Doc Savage Sites on the Web

The 86th Floor: The Unofficial Doc Savage Web Site
Another nice roundup of information on the pulps, comics, radio show, etc. Also includes a very nice complete listing of all the pulps Bantam published in book form during the 70s and 80s. Excellently designed.
Usenet discussion fans for fans of the Man of Bronze.

Featuring information on the original pulp stories, a feature that spotlights a different Doc novel everyday, fan reviews and more.

Dr. Hermes' Reviews
Reviews of nearly every Doc adventure written, plus the Avenger and more.

Best Doctor Who Sites on the Web

Doctor Who: The Official Site
This is a good spot for Who buffs. Includes episode guides, historical information and pictures, plus info on the new Who series, Who audio adventures, DVDs of classic episodes and novelizations. See Doctor Who: The Classic Series for lots of exclusive film clips and pictures from the show's past.

Outpost Gallifrey
A very comprehensive site, featuring Doctor Who news, release dates for DVDs and books, reviews, chat, pictures and more.

Delia Derbyshire: Electronic Music Pioneer
Dig that crazy music at the start of Doctor Who? This site is dedicated to the woman who helped create it, along with much other groundbreaking electronic sound with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Features a bio, sound samples, news and interviews.

Best Flash Gordon Sites on the Web

Flash Gordon
Great historical resource on the 30s and 40s movie serials based on Alex Raymond's famed comic strip.

Flash Gordon books:

Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, Vol. 1
Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, Vol. 2
Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, Vol. 3
Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, Vol. 4
Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, Vol. 5

Mac Raboy's Flash Gordon, Vol. 1
Mac Raboy's Flash Gordon, Vol. 2
Mac Raboy's Flash Gordon, Vol. 3
Mac Raboy's Flash Gordon, Vol. 4

Flash Gordon : Volume 1 : Dailies 1940-1942
Flash Gordon : Volume 2 : Dailies 1940-1942

Flash Gordon: "Mongo, the Planet of Doom"

Flash Gordon: Three Against Ming

Flash Gordon: The Tides of Battle

Flash Gordon: Fall of Ming

Flash Gordon: Triumph in Tropica

Flash Gordon movie serials on DVD

Flash Gordon Box Set: Space Soldiers, Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe

Flash Gordon - The Purple Death from Outer Space

Flash Gordon - Spaceship to the Unknown

Flash Gordon - The Peril from Planet Mongo

Flash Gordon 1950s TV Series Vol. 1

Flash Gordon 1950s TV Series Vol. 2

Flash Gordon Animated Series

New Adventures of Flash Gordon - Complete Series

Best Fantastic Four Sites on the Web

Fantastic Four: 4 Freedoms Plaza
Very well done site dedicated to the history of the FF, latest news, a museum depicting memorabilia from the 1960s to today, and more. One of the best done superhero sites.

Fantastic Four Fluxion
A database offering plot summaries, creative team info and cover scans of selected issues in the series' run. There's also an index that provides background info on characters, occurences pertaining to the series. Pretty slick. The site concentrates on more recent issues of FF rather than the classic Lee-Kirby run, though.

Best Pulp Sites on the Web

NOTE: I've decided to re-post these "Best Pop Culture" entries from my "This is Pop!," "This is Pop Culture!" days in hopes to draw more attention to these excellent Web sites. When I launched my first site, it was meant as a directory to such resources on the Web. Over time, like the rest of those on the Internet, I wandered into daily blogging. But I still want to keep such resources as part of what Pop Culture Safari is all about, namely, finding great pop culture stuff on the Web and letting you know about it!

So stand by for lots of "Best Sites" posts, among the usual array of stuff.


The Pulp.Net
Comprehensive info on popular pulps--including the Shadow, the Spider, Doc Savage, etc.--and extensive links to additional pulps sits on the Web.

The Vintage Library
A specialty bookstore focusing on pulp fiction, vintage science fiction, vintage fantasy, horror and hardboiled.

Pulp World
Featuring a history of the pulps, pulp timeline, an examination of different genres (horror, crime, romance, sci-fi, etc.), info on pulp writers and artists and more.

Chris Kalb's Hero Pulp Web site
Information plus cover art about such pre-comics heroes as the Shadow, the Spider, Doc Savage and Operator #5. Excellent design.

Dr. Hermes' Reviews
Reviews of nearly every Doc Savage adventure written, plus the Avenger and more.

Battle Aces
An impressively designed site full of info about the pulp-age mad scientist-, zombie-, Martian- and voodoo priest-fightin' flying squadron.

Retro Novello
Stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Sax Rohmer and more in PDF form.

Clark Ashton Smith - The Eldritch Dark
Dedicated to the writer/poet who was an associate of H.P. Lovecraft and a prolific author of supernatural fiction in his own right. Includes biographical information along with many short stories, poems and articles.

An Expansion of Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton Universe
An explanation of and expansion on the books of Phiip Jose Farmer, in which the sci fi author sought to link Tarzan, Doc Savage, the Shadow, James Bond and other genre heroes into a unified fictional universe.

The Pulp Gallery
Features links to many sites offering cover scans for popular pulps.

R.A. McGuire Cover Art
Showcasing the sensationalist work of the guy who supplied cover paints for a zillion pulp paperbacks, including "The Bad Blonde," "The Flesh Peddlers," "I'll Kill You Next" and "Female Convict."