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Out Now: Phantom and Flash Gordon "Defenders of the Earth" Action Figures

It's cool to see the King Features in action figure form, although I wish they'd modeled them on Alex Raymond and Lee Falk's artwork rather than some 'roided out weight lifter. 

Silver Age Phantom comics set for collection

Cool! I'd love to see Jim Aparo's Phantom comic collected, too. Those were for Charlton, right?

Hermes Press has announced it will reprint the Silver Age of Adventures of Lee Falk's The Phantom, starting with Gold Key's 1962 version, in eight hardcover volumes.

Hermes Press recently added The Phantom daily strips to their archival series, with Volume 3 due in May. The Phantom comic book reprint series will span 15 years and encompassing 17 Gold Key comics, 11 King Phantom comics and all 45 Charlton Phantom issues.

The Phantom The Complete Series: The Gold Key Years: Volume One reprints The Phantom #1-8, with stories by Bill Harris, art by Bill Lignante and cover art by George Wilson. It will be 256 pages and will cost $49.99.