So Long, Laurie Johnson - Composer of 'The Avengers' Theme and More

Pop Pic: Dame Diana

Pop Pic: The Avengers (Not Those Avengers)

Pop Pic: Avengers Ensemble!

Pop Pic: Not Marvel's Avengers

Pop Pic: The Avengers

Pop Pics: The Avengers (no, not those Avengers)

Vintage pics: Steed and Peel - The Avengers

Pop Artifact: Avengers TV annual

Vintage pic: The Avengers - Steed and King

Remembering Patrick Macnee: Hear a BBC Radio documentary on "The Avengers"

So long, Patrick Macnee

Pop focus: Emma Peel and the Avengers

Vintage Avengers pictures: Steed and... Twiggy!

Vintage Avengers pictures: More Steed and Peel!