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"Batman Adventures: Cat Got Your Tongue?" collects animated-style scraps between the Caped Crusader and Catwoman

DC's comics based on the Batman animated series are fun reading for all ages. Out in August, available for pre-order now from Amazon


BATMAN: CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE collects some of Batman and Catwoman's most iconic moments! Whether she's taking revenge on her enemies or stealing right out of someone else's clutches--Catwoman is always surprising Gotham... especially Batman.

Collects Adventures in the DC Universe #2-19; Batman: Gotham Adventures #4-24, 50; Batman Adventures #10.

Pop Focus: Eartha Kitt as Catwoman

With the 1960s "Batman" TV series finally (finally, finally, finally) headed to DVD and Blu-ray Nov. 11, let's spotlight that sometimes overlooked Catwoman actress, the great Eartha Kitt!

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