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AMC's new Prisoner mini airs in November

AMC has announced its mini-series remake of Patrick McGoohan's "The Prisoner" will air Nov. 15-17.

Prisoner actor McGoohan dies

Sad news: The BBC reports that actor Patrick McGoohan, 80, has died in Los Angeles.

The actor, who was born in New York and raised in England and Ireland, came to screen prominence in TV series Danger Man, in which he played a secret service agent. The programme later aired as Secret Agent in the US.

He was later considered for the role of James Bond for the movie Dr No.

But McGoohan was chiefly associated with cult ITV drama The Prisoner, writing some of the episodes himself under a different name.

His character spent the entire time attempting to escape from The Village and finding out the identity of his captor, the elusive Number One.

AMC streams The Prisoner free online

In preparation for a new take on one of the coolest TV series ever, AMC is re-airing all 17 episodes of "The Prisoner" on its Web site.

AMC also has a "Prisoner 2009" site where you can get updates on the new version, which features Jim Caviezel as Number Six, the show's protagonist who is banished from society to the mysterious Village and Ian McKellen as his nemesis, Number Two. The series reportedly also include an appearance by original Number Six, and the show's creator, Patrick McGoohan.


The Prisoner TV series Best Sites on the Web

The Prisoner: Information, Rarities, Photos and More
Great resource for fans of the classic Patrick McGoohan series. Includes an episode guide, reviews and information on Prisoner DVDs. Includes photos of Portmeiron, the unusual Welsh location that served as the Prisoner's bizarre Village.

The Prisoner Appreciation Society
Headquarters for the British-based Prisoner fan club, which holds regular conventions and publishes a magazine. The site includes historical information about the series and news updates.
Usenet home for fans who want to discuss the series.

Casting news for The Prisoner

Sir Ian McKellan will play the sinister Number 2 in a six-episode remake of "The Prisoner" to air on UK television next year. Jim Caviezel, who appeared in "The Passion of the Christ" will play protagonist Number 6.

According to the BBC:

Sir Ian has called this version of The Prisoner "an enthralling commentary on modern culture."

"It is witty, intelligent and disturbing. I am very excited to be involved," he added.

Writer Bill Gallagher, who watched the original series when he was a boy, said: "Here was something that was more than television, something I couldn't quite grasp but couldn't let go of.

"It's a unique opportunity for a writer to be able to go back to The Village and tell some new stories about that strange place and its surreal menace.

"We hope to serve up something as beguiling and disturbing as the original was."

Eccleston still on for Prisoner remake? Plus McGoohan to guest!

Sounds like former Doctor Who actor Christopher Eccleston is still the leading candidate to play Number 6 on a British remake of "The Prisoner" TV series.

And--even bigger news--the star of the original show, Patrick McGoohan, may make a guest appearance.

The programme will be filmed in the village of Portmeirion, north Wales, where the original series was shot. A spokesman for Portmeirion said it was "very good news" adding: "The Prisoner is an important part of Portmeirion's heritage."

The drama will be brought up to date by the makers ITV, who want to emulate the science fiction success of the BBC's Dr Who. But the white "Rover" balloons which hold the prisoners captive will still be part of the show.