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Listen: Brian Wilson featured on lead track on Janelle Monae's new album

Beach Boys' genius provides harmonies on the title track of Janelle Monae's new album, Dirty Computer, released this week.

New Brian Wilson video "Heroes and Villains"

Here's a new promo for Rhino Records' upcoming Brian Wilson: Playback compilation - Brian's solo version of The Beach Boys "Heroes and Villains."

Hear Brian Wilson's lost tune "Some Sweet Day"

The song, co-written and recorded with Andy Paley, in the 1990s appears on the Wilson solo anthology, Playback, out Sept. 22.

You can hear it via Rolling Stone here.
"Brian and I originally wrote 'Some Sweet Day' together in the early Nineties for a movie," Paley told Rolling Stone in a statement. "The idea was that it would be sung by a female in the style of a Sixties girl-group like the Chiffons. It ultimately didn't end up getting recorded with a woman's voice but still I like the recording with Brian singing lead. That's Brian and me and my brother Jonathan singing the background parts. I'm playing one of the pianos, Brian's playing another one. I'm playing drums and guitar Jonathan's playing six-string bass. Brian hired a violinist and Michael Andreas played the woodwind part. It's a track that I've always been very proud of so I'm happy that people are finally able to hear it."

"I think it's a great song with good lyrics and a cool melody," Wilson adds.

New video: Brian Wilson performs "One Kind of Love"

A video for a tune of Brian's new No Pier Pressure video features footage from "Love and Mercy."

New teaser for Brian Wilson bio-doc: Love and Mercy

Here's a look at the upcoming bio-doc on Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson, starring Paul Dano and John Cusack as the younger and older Brian.

New Brian Wilson album - No Pier Pressure - out in April

A release date and details on Brian Wilson's long-awaited new solo album have emerged.

No Pier Pressure, which features guest vocals from Zooey Deschanel and M Ward,  Fun's Nate Ruess, country singer Kacey Musgraves and Wilson's former Beach Boys bandmates Al Jardine, David Marks and Blondie Chaplin, will be out April 6.

There's only a spendy "import" version of the album listed on Amazon U.S. We'll keep you posted when the domestic release pops up.

Here's the track list:
'This Beautiful Day'
'Runaway Dancer' [featuring Sebu Simonian]
'What Ever Happened' [featuring Al Jardine and David Marks]
'On The Island' [featuring She & Him]
'Our Special Love' [featuring Peter Hollens]
'The Right Time' [featuring Al Jardine and David Marks]
'Guess You Had To Be There' [featuring Kacey Musgraves]
'Tell Me Why' [featuring Al Jardine]
'Sail Away' [featuring Blondie Chaplin and Al Jardine]
'One Kind Of Love'
'Saturday Night' [featuring Nate Ruess]
'The Last Song'
'Half Moon Bay'

Brian Wilson featured on NPR

Hear Brian talk about his brilliant new album of Gershwin interpretations. NPR's "Weekend Edition" also will feature a Brian interview this Sunday morning (check your locals).