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Watch 'Three Dog Night's New Year's Rockin' Eve 1973' - Dick Clark's First-Ever NYE Broadcast!

The annual tradition that's become "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" started 50 years ago this year.

Here's a look at that first broadcast, which was billed as "Three Dog Night's Rockin' Eve" and featured that then-hot band, along with comedian George Carlin. The first video stops short of the famous "ball drop" in Times Square, but that's included in the second clip.

We'll be posting a lot from 1973 this year, as part of PCS's ongoing look at what was happening pop culture-wise a half decade ago. 

1973 was a year I remember quite well. I was 7 years old for most of it and interacting more with comics, TV, films and music as I started to get older and more aware of the outside world.

I also have a fondness for Three Dog Night, as the band's Joy to the World hits compilation was the first "rock" album I ever owned. Story is, I'd asked my parents if I could have a rock record and my mom took me to a record shop asking for something that was "rock" but not too loud or crazy.

Anyway, Happy New Year 1972 and 2023!