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First Emitt Rhodes LP in over 40 years on the way

Remember how we thought we'd never see an official release of the Beach Boys' Smile or a full set of The Basement Tapes? A new Emitt Rhodes is in that same unbelievable-but-true category.

Fans of sublime pop know Rhodes for his heavily Beatles/McCartney-influenced work with the Merry-Go-Round and three one-man-band solo LPs he made in the early 1970s. Since then, we've heard nothing but rumors and dispiriting news about all that horrible stuff that stunts genius - namely lawsuits, bad deals, loss of confidence.

But, now, finally, there's a new release from Rhodes on the way.

Out Feb. 26 from Omnivore, Rainbow Ends see Rhodes singing a new batch of originals aided by former members of Jellyfish, Aimee Mann, Sussanah Hofs, members of Brian Wilson's band and other appropriate folks.

Here's the skinny:

Emitt Rhodes stopped making albums in 1973. From his teenage start in The Merry Go Round (“Live,” covered by the Bangles and “Time Will Show The Wiser,” recorded by Fairport Convention) to his acclaimed solo career, Rhodes was destined for greatness. Sadly, in a storied battle of the record business, that run stopped. While he periodically appeared on other musicians’ records, Emitt Rhodes’ fourth true solo album never appeared.

After being re-introduced via the inclusion of his track “Lullaby” in 2001’s The Royal Tennebaums, old fans rejoiced and new ones were born. Over a decade later, producer Chris Price approached Emitt about working on another record. He contacted friends including Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Jason Falkner (former Jellyfish and current Beck bandmates), Fernando Perdomo, Taylor Locke (Rooney) and New Pornographers’ drummer Joe Seiders, and they all entered Emitt’s home studio (where his classics were made), and emerged with the record the world has been waiting decades for—Rainbow Ends.

In addition to Emitt’s all-star band, Rainbow Ends contains contributions from Aimee Mann, Susanna Hoffs, Jon Brion, Bleu, Nels Cline and Pat Sansone from Wilco, as well as members of Brian Wilson’s band, and more.

While Rainbow Ends sounds like it could have been released in the late 1970s, it feels as timeless as his catalog. Pure, lush, pop goodness. And, totally current. As Emitt’s three ABC albums were packaged in a gatefold sleeve—so is Rainbow Ends. The LP comes with a download card, first pressing on clear vinyl Both the LP and the digipak CD feature lyrics and new photos.

These 11 songs show why he is revered, justify the documentaries and endless writing, and prove that Emitt Rhodes’ music is transcendent. It is solid gold where the Rainbow Ends.
You can pre-order a copy here.