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Pop focus: The Thin Man series!

Today we play tribute to the delightful series of screwball comedy/detective films starring William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles -- the Thin Man and his wife.

Based on a Dashiell Hammett novel, the first Thin Man film was released in 1934 and spawned five sequels, each film getting sillier as the series went on. But the movies hold up remarkably well, due largely to the fact that Powell and Loy's chemistry is so strong, and their scripts are so great.

Nora was just about the most independent woman in American film for decades, and Nick -- for the most part -- treated her as an equal partner. Together, they are charming and witty and obviously in love. They stick through all the absurd and sometimes scary, situations that surround them as Nick endeavors to solve yet another crime.

And they also have a cute dog: Asta, a wire fox terrier present in each film.

All the films are out on DVD and regularly turn up on cable, check them out if you haven't. I've enjoyed re-watching them many times.

Also, there's a great Thin Man memorabilia site here.

The YouTube "video" below is a radio adaptation of the first Thin Man film, with Powell and Loy reprising their parts: