Record Ads '74: The Who, Paul McCartney, Herbie Hancock, Lulu, More!

Vintage Ad: 'Eat Some Food from Each Group... Every Day!'

Ads '73: Uniroyal Thrill Drivers

Ads '73: Julie Andrews on 'Sesame Street'

Ads '73: Andy Warhol for Pioneer Audio

Ads '73: Panasonic

Ads '73: The Mattel Great American Sweepstakes

Ads '73: Kawasaki

Ads '73: Gordon's Gin

Ads '73: The Flintstones for Eaton Truck Components

Ads '73: Colt 45

Ads '73: Big Wheel!

Ads '73: Tastee-Freez T-Shirt Offer

Ads '73! Johnny Carson Models Men's Fashion

Ads '73: Huffy Bicycles

Ads '73: Isaac Hayes

Ads '73: Anatomy of a Gremlin

Ads '73: Green Witch Gimlet

Ads '73: Corvette

Ads '73: Coke