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The omnibus art of Darwyn Cooke

Shortly before his untimely death earlier this year, the great Darwyn Cooke created some lovely retro-style covers for DC Comics' new series of Golden and Silver Age omnibus collections. Here's a look:

Comic art: Darwyn Cooke Flash Gordon, Mandrake, Prince Valiant and Phantom covers

Dynamite Comics is launching a batch of titles based on King Features characters this week, the first issues of which all feature covers by the great Darwyn Cooke. Can't speak to the interiors, but these look great:

Preview of DC Comics December variant covers by Darwyn Cooke

I read little DC Comics' current output, but love the art of Darwyn Cooke. Here's a display of some of the variant covers he's producing for DC titles this December.

Cooke has provided the covers for He-Man: The Eternity War #1, Harley Quinn #12, Superman #37, Teen Titans #5, Batman & Robin #37, Catwoman #37, Green Lantern #37, Sinestro #8, Wonder Woman #37, Action Comics #37, Grayson #5, Justice League United #7, Supergirl #37, Aquaman #37, Batgirl #37, Detective Comics #37, Justice League Dark #37, Superman/Wonder Woman #14, Batman #37, Batman/Superman #17, Flash #37, Green Lantern Corps #37, and Justice League #37.

That's a lot of work. Sorta makes me wish DC would just turn Cooke loose on a regular title where he could play freely with the DC Universe.