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Sexist Iron Man 2 toys at Burger King!

According to the Burger King press release:

Burger King Corp. has created an exclusive collection of BK(R) Kids Meal toys that bring the power and attitude of "Iron Man" into restaurants. This collection of eight film-inspired premiums are available with the purchase of a BK(R) Kids Meal and include four lifestyle accessories for girls and four action-packed toys for boys...

Odd. However, Entertainment Weekly notes:

I can appreciate that girls will likely enjoy the Lightup Iron Man Mark VI Charm Necklace, the Iron Man Mark IV Gold Charm Necklace (though not as much as that lightup one) and the Black Widow Bracelet (which lights up with your movement). But I don’t think Burger King needs to imply that only boys would/should want to play with the Cyclone Spinning Robot Drone, the Flip N’ Fly War Machine, the Construct N’ Play Iron Man, or the Repulsor Power Iron Man (a switch on his back lets you control the light in his chest!).

Am I wrong to think that Burger King should have left the genders out of that press release — let’s not forget there are young boys who like to accessorize — and simply divided the toys into action figures, jewelry, and Message Board for Adult Fakers?

Early review of Iron Man 2

From Variety:

There are enough fun moments in Jon Favreau's playful direction (from Justin Theroux's workmanlike script) and Downey's performance -- a tycoon who's equal parts Warren Buffett and Kid Rock -- to satisfy a weekend audience, but one needs a forgiving nature to get past the flabby midsection. The special effects, meanwhile, are more plentiful and polished once they fully kick into high gear, though there are still shots where that gleaming suit looks a bit more animated than it should.

Two new Iron Man 2 posters

Scarlett Johansson and the Black Widow costume

The actress chats about playing Marvel's acrobatically inclined anti-hero in the new Iron Man flick.

“I knew it was going to be some kind of sexy unitard, because I had researched the character in the comics. I’ve never worn anything like it before, so I had a freak-out moment that lasted about half a day, but then I said ‘Okay, time to suck it up’ and just went full force into getting in shape to wear the costume and perform the physical action so it looked just right.”