Quick hits

Check out some fine, vintage illustration work in "Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates," which someone has kindly posted as a Flickr Album.

Remembering Bob "Gilligan" Denver.

Dial B for Blog joins in the fun of DC's Silver Age house ads. Why are these things so much fun to look at? I guess it's the nostalgia factor, remembering when these comics coming out were fresh and new. Anyhow, if you like 'em, tune in here at This is Pop! to see vintage house ads pert near anyday.

Drawn, er, draws attention to the excellent movie poster work of Bob Peak.

Tony Isabella grooves on Repticulus.

The New York Times features an interview with S.E. Hinton, reclusive author of "The Outsiders" and other teen novels.

The fourth season set of "Smallville" out next week will feature an interesting bonus: one episode of the 1990s "The Flash" live-action series. The episode, "Out of Control" was the first regular-length show of the series, TV Shows on DVD reports.

Lots of "Lost" hints and potential spoilers here, if you want 'em.

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