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New Music Feb. 10, 2017: Jesca Hoop; The Sadies; Tony Bennett; Bowie; Screamin' Jay Hawkins, more

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Memories are Now by Jesca Hoop

Northern Passages by the Sadies

The Singles Collection by Tony Bennett

Live Nassau Coliseum '76 by Davie Bowie

The Planet Sessions by Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Arthur Lee

Love's Been Good To Me - The Songs Of Rod McKuen

Vintage movie posters: "Casablanca"

Pop Culture Roundup: Carl Barks; Harley Quinn; Will Eisner; Carmine Infantino; Kinks; Wolverine

Via the Bristol Board: Pencil sketches by the great Donald Duck artist, Carl Barks.


Dodged a bullet here:  Courtney Love Nearly Played Harley Quinn in Canned Schumacher Batman Film.


The biggest-ever exhibition of Will Eisner comics art is set to go on display in New York next month, in celebration of the artist's centenary.


Four-Color Shadows presents an early 1950s romance story illustrated by the great Carmine Infantino.


Kinks guitarist Dave Davies will appear on a new Smithsonian TV series called "Rock'n'Roll Inventions," in which he'll discuss his homemade approach to distortion.
 "It's an extraordinary work, really. There's a lot of information in that show and I was excited to be part of it," Davies, who appears in several episodes -- including one talking about how he created his signature "You Really Got Me" guitar tone by slashing a radio speaker with a razor blade -- tells Billboard. "I've always been interested in new ideas and new technology. Even now I like the digital stuff. I came up in the era of vinyl and even 78s, of course, but [new technology] helps you write the songs and there's a whole gamut of sound and effects you can experiment with. It's a very creative time."
Davies also mentions that he and brother Ray have been collaborating on some new songs and demos.


You can now print 3-D replicas of Wolverine's claws.