Stormy weather

Maybe she'll do "X-Men 3," says Halle Berry. But there has to be something for her to do.

"I have not read the script. All I asked is that, if I come back, Storm needs more to do...
"If they have, in fact, written her closer to the comic book, then I'm in. If not, then I'm out. I hope I'm in though. I love Storm and really want to be a part of the last film."

Hell, the script can't be as bad as "Catwoman." But I agree, Berry is a good actress and was underused in the first two flicks.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

Toy Daleks and other "Doctor Who" goodies are doing brisk business in British collectible stores, reports The Edinburgh Evening News.

Interest is up due to the new "Who" series, which saw its BBC debut the other day.

Forbidden Planet, on South Bridge, specialises in science fiction and cult comic books and toys, and manager Steve Luke has seen a huge burst of interest in Dr Who memorabilia since the new series, starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper, got its first airing on Saturday evening.

He said: "It’s just got bigger and bigger. The new Doctor Who magazine came out a month ago and we couldn’t get enough of them in."

Four-foot tall inflatable Daleks, talking Tom Baker figures and Cyberman cookie jars have all been selling fast.

Prices range from £7.99 for a model Tardis to £70 for a 18in tall talking Dalek.

I want a Cyberman cookie jar.

Pop Artifact! Dracula Has Risen from the Grave movie poster

John, Paul, Stan and Ringo

Here's a pic of 60s legends Ringo Starr and Stan Lee having a jam session in the latest issue of British music mag, Mojo.

A brief article details Ringo and Stan's frankly bizarre DVD project, which portrays Starr as a reluctant superhero.

"Return to the Bat Cave" coming to DVD

The TV movie, which provided a tongue-in-cheek and behind-the-scenes look at the original "Batman" TV series, is out May 17. You can pre-order it now from Amazon.

Here's peek at the cover art.

"Fantastic Four" teaser poster unveiled

Here 'tis:

Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah...Batmobiles!

Last year, Corgi released a small series of Batman vehicles based on the designs found in the comic books.

Well, you better clear some parking space in the Batcave, because there's a lot more coming up in 2005.

All these vehicles are 1:43 scale unless otherwise indicated. The release dates are according to Corgi's official site.

1940s Batmobile, available March 30. This is a 1:24-scale version of the small vehicle Corgi released last year.

1950s Batmobile, available March 30.

1970s Batmobile, available March 30.

Robin's Red Bird, available April 30.

1960s Batmobile, available April 30.

Robin Batcycle, available May 30.

Batman 1940s Roadster, available June 30.

1990s Batmobile, available June 30.

Two-Face Two-Tone 1950s car, available Aug. 31.

Bat Submersible, available Oct. 31.