New comics July 1, 2009

Ditko Creeper hardcover, Doc Savage collection coming from DC Comics

Pop links: Popeye pop art; Torchwood star peeved; Mickey Mouse Transformer; Romita Sr. covers Spidey #600; Sea World superheroes; Dalek art!

CD new releases June 30, 2009: Wilco; Levon Helm; Woodstock; Bjork; more!

DVD new releases June 30, 2009: Entourage; Secret Diary of a Call Girl; Lucille Ball specials; Renown Picture crime and noir

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs to release second Under the Covers set

Pop links: BEM! Supremes meet the Andrews Sisters! Stan Lee as Larry King!

New G.I. Joe movie pictures

Remembering Sky Saxon and Farrah; Jeff Lynne to complete George Harrison songs

Pop links: So long Fortress of Fortitude; Marvel's Star Wars

Pop links: Kinks documentary! Wally Wood! Flying Saucer comics! New Plastic Ono LP! Virgil Finlay!

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland cast pictures

Toy Story 3 teaser art

New comics June 24, 2009: Turok! Batwoman! Gotham Sirens! Phantom Zone! Starman! Doctor Strange! More!

Vintage Tarzan paperback book covers