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Pop Culture Roundup March 24, 2006

Heritage Auctions is selling off a whole mess of Mad Magazine original art.


Starting next fall, "Veronica Mars" will air Tuesday on the merged WB and UPN networks, now called CW. So, no more choosing between this great show and "Lost." If you haven't seen VM, check it out. Very wittily written and well played. I liken it to Nancy Drew Meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Twin Peaks.


T-Bone Burnett, best known in recent years for producing the soundtracks for films like "O Brother, Where Art Thou" and heading up the Lost Highway label, releases his first album in 14 years on May 16. The True False Identity features 12 new tunes.

Out the same day, is a two-disk overview of Burnett's earlier work, Twenty Twenty - The Essential T Bone Burnett. It'll include songs dating back to the groundbreaking Alpha Band (the group formed in 1976 by T Bone, Steven Soles, and David Mansfield, fellow travelers in Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue); tracks from each of T Bone's solo albums; rarities including "The People's Limousine" (the single T Bone recorded with Elvis Costello as "The Coward Brothers"); and previously unreleased material.


Bubblegumfink goes hunting for Bigfoot--And finds him!!


Scar Stuff shares some vintage BBC horror sound effects albums.


Bring self-referentiality to new levels: A bigscreen film is planned about the three teens who made a shot-for-shot remake of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" back in the 1980s. Cartoonist Daniel Clowes ("Ghost World") is writing the script.

Top 10 comics, DVDs, CDs and action figures March 24, 2006

At Amazon:

Comics - Graphic Novels

1. V for Vendetta
2. Watchmen
3. Serenity: Those Left Behind
4. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
5. Batman: Year One Deluxe Edition
6. Black Hole
7. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 1
8. The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes
9. House of M
10. Yellow Volume 3 (Yaoi)


1. Brokeback Mountain (Widescreen Edition)
2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Widescreen Two-Disc Deluxe Edition)
3. King Kong (2-Disc Widescreen Special Edition)
4. Chicken Little
5. Capote
6. Good Night, and Good Luck (Widescreen Edition)
7. Crash (Widescreen Edition)
8. The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Special Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
9. Walk the Line (Widescreen Edition)
10. Lady and the Tramp (50th Anniversary Edition)


1. 3121 - Prince
2. On An Island - David Gilmour
3. At Folsom Prison - Johnny Cash
4. 10,000 Days - Tool
5. Pay the Devil - Van Morrison
6. Eye To The Telescope - KT Tunstall
7. The Little Willies - The Little Willies
8. Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I Am Not - Arctic Monkeys
9. Fox Confessor Brings the Flood - Neko Case
10. At War With the Mystics - Flaming Lips

Action Figures

1. Marvel Legends Bring On The Bad Guys 6" Action Figure: Unmasked Green Goblin
2. Marvel Legends Bring On The Bad Guys 6" Action Figure: Melted Face Abomination
3. Marvel Legends Bring On The Bad Guys 6" Action Figure: Crown of Lies Loki
4. Marvel Legends Sentinel Series Figure: 1st Appearance Spider-Man
5. Marvel Legends-Sentinel Series-Angel Red
6. Marvel Legends Sentinel Series Figure: Cyclops
7. Marvel Legends Bring On The Bad Guys 6" Action Figure: Lady Death Strike
8. Marvel Legends Bring On The Bad Guys 6" Action Figure: Pyro
9. Marvel Legends Bring On The Bad Guys 6" Action Figure: Crimson Dynamo
10. Marvel Legends Sentinel Series Figure: Mr. Sinister

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"Doctor Who" Season 1 ready for pre-order in U.S.

Collecting the entire first season of the revived British sci-fi series on five disks, this set is due out July 4. You can pre-order it now from Amazon.

Extras include:

* Commentary on all episodes by combinations of writer Russell T. Davies, producer Phil Collinson, actors Simon Callow, Billie Piper, and John Barrowman, and other cast and crew
* Interview with Christopher Eccleston on BBC Breakfast
* Destroying the Lair
* Making Doctor Who with Russell T. Davies
* Waking the Dead: Mark Gatiss video diary
* Laying Ghosts: the origin of the unquiet dead
* Deconstructing Big Ben
* On set with Billie Piper
* Mike Tucker's Mocks of Balloons
* Designing Doctor Who
* The Adventures of Captain Jack
* Doctor Who Confidential: the ultimate journey behind the scenes of the new series
* Backstage at Christmas: an exclusive look behind the scenes of Doctor Who Christmas Invasion
* Storyboard of opening trailer
* Launch trailers

New "X-Men 3" pictures

Here're a couple of new ones:

Pop Culture Roundup March 23, 2006

Download the latest Beatles beatleg podcast.


The Comics Reporter (Tom Spurgeon) has posted his Top 50 Comics of 2005 list.


Archived by Booksteve, a 1972 New York Sunday News article about Stan Lee.


Check out Fred Hembeck's groovy cover reconstruction of "Uncanny X-Men" #135.


Billboard has details on Elvis Costello's upcoming collaboration with New Orleans music legend Allen Toussaint out June 6.


Also from Billboard, Brian Eno is not working on a new record with Roxy Music.


Mike Sterling looks at the Previews catalog again. God help him.


NPR has a live concert featuring the much-hyped (and pretty much just OK) Arctic Monkeys.


The Superman Home Page posted this concept art from the upcoming "Legion of Superheroes" toon:


Lindsay Lohan wants to play Wonder Woman.


Will Pfeifer knows a good thing when he sees it: 500-flippin' pages of goofy Jimmy Olsen goodness via DC's new "Showcase Presents the Superman Family" book.


Comics legend Jim Steranko has produced a cover for a...um...Mr. T comic book.

First "Wild Wild West" DVD set due in June

The first season of "The Wild, Wild West" is due out June 6 from Paramount Home Video. No further details to date, but here's the cover art:

The set is available for pre-order now from Amazon.

"Gabby Hayes Show" DVD-bound

No info on these other than release dates (April 25) and cover art.

The Gabby Hayes Show, Vol. 1

The Gabby Hayes Show, Vol. 2

"Lost" Clues: Season 2, Episode 16 "The Whole Truth"

Official recap from ABC:

The Whole Truth

Air Date: 03/22/2006
When Sun starts feeling nauseous and dizzy, she takes a home pregnancy test to learn that she is in fact, pregnant. But instead of being happy about the news, Sun looks conflicted, and we find out why through her flashbacks...

...which tell the story of a time in Sun and Jin's relationship when Jin wanted desperately to conceive a child, hoping it might bring an end to the constant pressure put upon him by Sun's father, while Sun was off taking English lessons from Jae Lee and planning her escape to America.

Since they haven't had any luck conceiving, Jin suggests that they visit a fertility specialist. The specialist tells them that Sun has endometriosis and that their chances of conceiving are impossible, news that clearly upsets Jin more than it does Sun.

Sun confesses to Jae Lee that she feels relieved about not being able to conceive and confides that she was planning on leaving Jin for America. And while their relationship is that of teacher and student, it's clear that Jae Lee would like it to be more when he encourages her to stay in Korea with him.

Back on the island, Sun finally tells Jin that she's pregnant, to which Jin reacts with pure joy. But Sun has one last thing to reveal -- in the final flashback we learn that the doctor lied to Sun and Jin out of fear of the Paik family, assigning the problem to Sun when in fact it is Jin who is sterile.

Sun swears to Jin that she has never been with another man. Jin accepts her word and declares that the pregnancy must be a miracle. Tears of joy roll down his face, but the look on Sun's face tells us that we can't be entirely sure we've heard the whole truth…

Meanwhile, Locke enlists Ana Lucia's help in interrogating Henry, against Jack's better wishes. But Ana Lucia is able to accomplish something none of them have…she earns Henry's trust and gets him to draw her a map to the location of his alleged balloon crash. Feeling betrayed that Jack wasn't the one to tell her about Henry, she enlists the help of Sayid and Charlie to go out and find the balloon.


Not too much apparent sneaky stuff on this ep. So, let's see:

--What's up with Sun's "miracle" pregnancy? Was she with another man? Or is Island Magic somehow responsible for the blessed occurence?

--So, did Harry Gale lead Ana-Lucia, Sayid and Charlie into a trap?

--If they find the balloon, will it have a smiley face on top? (yes and yes, according to the preview for the next ep).

--Sawyer is seen reading Judy Blume's "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret." A novel about an adolescent girl, some folks believe showing it on the show alludes to the changes Sun is going through with her pregnancy. On the other hand, the producers may've just thrown it in as a joke, knowing how much attention viewers pay to such things.

--Along the same lines, Henry Gale's map is drawn on a page out of "The Brothers Karamazov." Here's an interesting post about that.

--"Pushing Too Hard" by the Seeds is playing in the Hatch while Locke looks at the Geronimo Jackson album cover.

--The pregnancy test Sun uses was manufactured by Widmore Labs. There was a billboard for Widmore Construction on London's Battersea Power Station, shown in this season's "Fire + Water" episode.

Anyhow, how bout some pics?

Other stuff:

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Order Action Figures March 23, 2006

Here's a look at action figures available for pre-order now via your local comics shop or via the TIP!-supporting links below:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
--Exclusive Dawn and Glory
--Sunnydale High School Playset

DC Direct Action Figures

Alex Ross Justice League Action Figures Series 3
--Green Lantern
--The Joker
--Plastic Man
--Wonder Woman
--Poison Ivy

Alex Ross Justice League Action Figures Series 4
--Black Adam
--Solomon Grundy

Batman/Superman: The Return of Supergirl Action Figures
--Corrupted Supergirl

Crisis on Infinite Earths Action Figures Series 2
--Anti Monitor
--Barry Allen Flash
--Battle Armor Lex Luthor
--Earth 2 Superman

Deluxe Edition 13-inch Green Lantern
Deluxe Edition 13-inch Lex Luthor
Deluxe Edition 13-inch Two-Face

Elseworlds Action Figures Series 2
--Red Son Batman
--Red Son President Superman
--Kingdom Come Jade
--Kingdom Come Spectre and Norman McKay
--Gotham By Gaslight Batman

Green Lantern Action Figures Series 2
--Manhunter Robot
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Infinite Crisis Action Figures Series 1
--Earth Prime Superboy
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New Frontier Action Figures Series 1
--Green Lantern
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Silver Age Superman Action Figures
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--Lois Lane
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Marvel Figure Factory Sets
--Black Costume Spider-Man
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--Silver Surfer

Marvel Legends Action Figures

Marvel Monsters Gift Pack
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Marvel Legends Series 13
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Marvel Legends Series 14
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Marvel Legends Series 15
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Marvel Legends Face Off Twin Packs
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--Galactus Vs. Everybody

Marvel Legends Showdown
--Mister Fantastic and Mole Man
--Colossus and Magneto
--Ghostrider and Vengeance
--Logan and Chopper
--Namor and Shark
--Green Goblin
--Juggernaut (variant)
--Elektra (variant)

Marvel Mega Morphs
--The Thing
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Marvel Select Figures

Marvel Studios
--Dr. Doom with Mask
--Dr. Doom unmasked

X-Men 3 Action Figures
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Six Gable films collected on "Signature Edition" DVD set

Out June 20, the Clark Gable Signature Edition collects "Boom Town," "China Seas," "Dancing Lady," "Mogambo," "San Francisco" and "Wife Vs. Secretary."

Trailers for the films appear on each of the disks. The films also will be available separately.

Pop Culture Roundup March 23, 2006

Booksteve presents some rare Will Eisner "Spirit" covers.


DC Comics presents previews of MEGAYOKYO VOL. 4, CLAW THE UNCONQUERED #1 and Gilbert Hernandez' SLOTH.


Jart in My Head presents a tribute to the late "H.R. Pufnstuf" star Jack Wild.


Want some groovy spy music sharity? Try Dick Hyman's The Man from O.R.G.A.N.


Want some groovy monster-talking sharity? Try Famous Monsters Speak.


Silver Age Comics tosses Ace the Bathound a bone.


Today in Disney Ducks: A first edition of a Donald Duck comic book from 1948 has been held behind bars in Sweden for a year-and-a-half amid a divorcing couple's drawn-out custody battle, Swedish media reported on Tuesday. More.


The new "Doctor Who" had a good U.S. debut. According to the Sci Fi Channel, 1.58 million viewers tuned in for the series' premiere last weekend.

"Lost" preview March 23, 2006: "The Whole Truth"

Read ABC's teaser copy for tonight's show.

Listen to the most recent offical "Lost" podcast.

Watch a preview for tonight's show.

See promo pictures from the episode.

Come back tomorrow for a summary of the show with observations/speculation.

See the Best "Lost" Sites on the Web.

Comic Book Birthday: Bernie Krigstein

More on Krigstein.

New Comics March 22, 2006

Available now at yer local comics shop or via This is Pop!-supporting links:

Back Issue #15

Banana Sunday

Black Panther Who Is The Black Panther

Classic Comic Book Character Bone

Crisis On Infinite Earths Novelization

Jack Kirby Collector #45

Marvel Visionaries Jack Kirby Vol 2

Phantom Vol 1 Ghost Who Walks

Runaways Vol 5 Escape To New York

Marvel Select: Watcher Figure

See a Complete List of New Comics Shipping This Week.

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CD compiles vintage Beatles tribute tunes

The Beatles' arrival on American shores in 1964 set off an avalanche not only of Fabs cover tunes, but original tunes paying tribute to the band.

Now the UK's Ace Records has collected a representative batch of those tunes for Beatlemaniacs! The World of Beatles Novelty Records due out next month. Here's a look at the track list:

1. John, Paul, George & Ringo - The Bulldogs (1964)
2. I'll Let You Hold My Hand - The Bootles (1964)
3. Like Ringo - Dick Lord (1964)
4. We Love The Beatles (Beatlemania) - The Vernons Girls (1964)
5. Beatle Crazy - Bill Clifton (1963)
6. A Beatle I Want To Be - Sonny Curtis (1964)
7. The Beatles Are In Town - The Fondettes (1964)
8. My Beatle Haircut - The Twiliters (1964)
9. A Letter To The Beatles - The Four Preps (1964)
10. You Can't Do That - Nilsson (1967)
11. Please Please Me (Take 1) - Link Wray & The Raymen (2002)
12. Only Seventeen - The Beattle-Ettes (1964)
13. John, You Went Too Far This Time - Rainbo (1968)
14. I Dreamed I Was A Beatle - Murray Kellum (1964)
15. The Beatle Bounce - Bobby Comstock & The Counts (1964)
16. What's Wrong With Ringo? - The Bon Bons (1964)
17. Saint Paul - Terry Knight (1969)
18. Beatles, Please Come Back - Gigi Parker & The Lonelies (1964)
19. Stamp Out The Beatles - The Hi-Riders (1964)
20. Beatlemania - Donnie Rae & The Defiants (1964)
21. We Love You Beatles - The Carefrees (1964)
22. Beatle Fever - Bret & Terry (1964)
23. I Want To Be A Beatle - Bobby Wilding (1964)
24. The Ballad Of Paul - The Mystery Tour (1969)

Upcoming from Diamond Select: Archie bust, classic Star Trek figures

Here's a look at some upcoming items from Diamond Select:

Archie bust:

Star Trek “Mirror Mirror” figures: