Watch Bread Perform "The Guitar Man"

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Hot Trax '72: Bee Gees! Todd Rundgren! Arlo Guthrie! More!

New songs entering the charts 50 years ago this week.

The Bee Gees - Run to Me

Bread - The Guitar Man

Uriah Heep - Easy Livin'

Arlo Guthrie - City of New Orleans

Joan Baez - In the Quiet Morning (For Janis Joplin)

Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band - Garden Party

The Honey Cone - Sitin' on a Time Bomb (Waitin' for the Hurt to Come)

Pop Culture Roundup: Max Headroom Lives! Bowie is Dead! More!

ACM plans a Max Headroom update.

ITEM! Neil Gaiman breaks some sad news to David Bowie fans.

ITEM! Jon Favreau didn't want to see Tony Stark killed off in "Avengers: End Game."

 ITEM! Matt Smith is thrilled by the casting of Ncuti Gatwa as the new Doctor Who.

ITEM! Justice League stars Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa will reunite in "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom."

ITEM! The upcoming animated series, "Spider-Man: Freshman Year," doesn't follow the MCU timeline. And that's ok. 

New Music Friday Playlist: Kinks! Khruangbin! Lee Hazelwood! More!

Seventeen new tracks we dig today.

Coming Up: The Swinging Blue Jeans: Feelin’ Better – Anthology 1963-1969

Out this month from Cherry Red Records. Order now from Amazon.


The Swinging Blue Jeans had a residency at Liverpool’s legendary Cavern Club where The Beatles once appeared as their guests and, like the Fab Four, they cut their teeth playing Hamburg’s The Star-Club. The huge success of their 1963 single ‘Hippy Hippy Shake’ made The Swinging Blue Jeans stars in the UK, Canada, Scandinavia, Germany, Australia and the USA.

Terry Sylvester from The Escorts joined The Swinging Blue Jeans in early 1966, appearing on singles, ‘Sandy’, ‘Rumours, Gossip, Words Untrue’ and ‘What Have They Done To Hazel’ and the Canadian album, ‘Don’t Make Me Over’, before leaving to replace Graham Nash in The Hollies in 1968. Singers Madeline Bell and Kiki Dee guest on the 1967 single ‘Tremblin’’.

Track Listing:


1 Ol’ Man Mose (commercial test version)

2 It’s Too Late Now (commercial test version)

3 Three Little Fishes (commercial test version)

4 It’s Too Late Now

5 Think Of Me

6 Do You Know

7 Angie

8 Hippy Hippy Shake

9 Now I Must Go

10 Dizzy Miss Lizzy

11 Wasting Time

12 Good Golly Miss Molly

13 Shaking Feeling

14 Shakin’ All Over

15 Shake, Rattle and Roll

16 You’re No Good

17 Don’t You Worry About Me

18 Promise You’ll Tell Her

19 Ol’ Man Mose

20 Save The Last Dance For Me

21 That’s The Way It Goes

22 Around and Around

23 It’s All Over Now

24 Long Tall Sally

25 Lawdy Miss Clawdy

26 Some Sweet Day

27 It’s So Right

28 Don’t It Make You Feel Good

29 All I Want Is You

30 Tutti Frutti

31 You got love

32 Dizzy Chimes

33 It Isn’t There

34 One Of These Days

35 Get Rid Of Her

36 It’s True


1 Make Me Know You’re Mine

2 I’ve Got A Girl

3 Ready Teddy

4 Lovey Dovey

5 Crazy ’Bout My Baby

6 Good Lovin’

7 Don’t Make Me Over

8 What Can I Do Today

9 I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry Over You

10 Gotta Draw The Line (Sidney)

11 I’m Gonna Have You

12 I Don’t Believe It

13 Nobody But Me

14 You Don’t Love Me

15 I Want Love

16 Jump Back

17 Chug-A-Lug

18 This Boy

19 Do You Believe In Magic?

20 Sandy

21 Now That You’ve Got Me You Don’t Seem To Want Me (Early Version)

22 It’s In Her Kiss

23 You’d Better Stop

24 Our Day Will Come

25 I Wanna Be There

26 Anyway

27 You’re Welcome To My Heart

28 Rumours, Gossip, Words Untrue

29 Now The Summer’s Gone

30 I Made A Mistake

31 Master John (The Preacher’s Son)

32 Gotta Draw The Line (Sidney) (Later Version)

33 It’s Alright


1 Tremblin’

2 Something’s Coming Along

3 Don’t Go Out Into The Rain (You’re Gonna Melt)

4 One Woman Man

5 Painting The Day

6 RAY ENNIS & THE BLUE JEANS What Have They Done To Hazel

7 RAY ENNIS & THE BLUE JEANS Now That You’ve Got Me (You Don’t Seem To Want Me)

8 THE BLUEJEANS Hey Mrs. Housewife


10 Big City

11 Summer Comes Sunday

12 Good Golly Miss Molly (German Version)

13 Das Ist Prima (Shakin’ Feeling German Version)

14 Tutti Frutti (German Version)

15 Das Ist Vorbei (One Of These Days German Version)

16 The Hippy Hippy Shake (Stereo)

17 Ol’ Man Mose (Stereo)

18 Save The Last Dance For Me (Stereo)

19 That’s The Way It Goes (Stereo)

20 Around and Around (Stereo)

21 It’s All Over Now (Stereo)

22 Long Tall Sally (Stereo)

23 Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Stereo)

24 Some Sweet Day (Stereo)

25 It’s So Right (Stereo)

26 Don’t It Make You Feel Good (Stereo)

27 All I Want Is You (Stereo)

28 Tutti Frutti (Stereo)

29 Make Me Know You’re Mine (Stereo)

30 I’ve Got A Girl (Stereo)

31 Ready Teddy (Stereo)

32 Sandy (Stereo)

33 You’re Welcome To My Heart (No Brass – Stereo)

34 Tremblin’ (Stereo)

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Check Out Tony Hawk's Hot Wheels-Inspired Skateboard Deck

Pretty nifty. I like everything Hot Wheels.


Limited to only 100, the full-size decks are signed by Tony Hawk and based on his personal router template.

Hot Wheels is proud to make a donation to Tony’s signature charity, The Skatepark Project to help create safe and inclusive skateparks in communities across America.

More info.

New Music Releases Out Today: Sonny Clark, Hunter S. Thompson, Elvis

Our picks this week. Click the links to order from Amazon.

Coming Up: Miles Out To Sea: The Roots Of British Power Pop 1969-1975

Out this month from Cherry Red Records. Order now from Amazon.


While the early 70s musical landscape in Britain was largely dominated by introspective singer/songwriters, Bubblegum Pop and underground Rock bands, a handful of acts bravely continued to pursue the classic mid-60s group sound.

With the aid of increasingly sophisticated recording studios, they majored in crisp, muscular, hook-laden three-minute pop songs, bursting with chiming Rickenbacker guitars, irresistible choruses and Beatles/Beach Boys-inspired close harmonies.

A few (Slade, Pilot, the ill-starred Badfinger) found commercial success, but the likes of Starry Eyed And Laughing, Shape Of The Rain and Octopus proved to be the right bands at the wrong time – too late for the British Invasion that had swept America in the mid-60s, too early to hitch a ride on the late 70s Power Pop bandwagon.

‘Miles Out To Sea’ assembles the pick of these recordings, with household names and hit singles (including The First Class’s classic Beach Boys cop ‘Beach Baby’) joined by cult Power Pop names (Rockin’ Horse, Liverpool Echo, Pagliaro) obscure one-off 45s (Atlantis, Fresh Air, Big Star-soundalikes Rotten To The Core), cuts from privately-pressed or non-UK albums (Rusty, Shakane, Majority One, Ironbridge) and many unreleased-at-the-time tracks (including pre-Records band The Fabulous Ratbites From Hell and a previously- unissued demo by pre-Rusty act Sheephouse, who cut a collectable Decca single).

Featuring a clamshell box design that houses a lavishly-annotated and illustrated 48-page booklet, ‘Miles Out To Sea’ is a fascinating document of a musical genre that would only really be identified and cherished after the fact. File under Pure-Pop-For-Then-People.

Track Listing:



2 JUST A SMILE (original single version) – Pilot

3 BIGGEST GOSSIP IN TOWN (single version) – Rockin’ Horse


5 RAINCHILD – Octopus

6 I’LL BE THERE – Shape Of The Rain

7 GOING DOWN – Starry Eyed And Laughing

8 PLEASE, ELIZA – Shakanea

9 DON’T LET ME WAIT TOO LONG – Rotten To The Core




13 WHEN WILL I BE LOVED – Dave Edmunds




17 BICYCLE DRIVER – Neil Harrison

18 TRY ME – The Tremeloes


20 SHE WROTE ME A LETTER – Marmalade


22 STRANGE AFFAIR – Help Yourself

23 LET YOUR LOVE GO – Paintbox

24 WHERE I BELONG – Gerry Rafferty

25 FRESH AS A DAISY – Ragamuffin


1 KNOW ONE KNOWS – Badfinger

2 CHINATOWN – The Move

3 GIRL ON THE TRAIN – Liverpool Echo

4 LONELY NORMAN – Jimmy Campbell

5 FORGET HER – Nimbo

6 GET BACK HOME – Majority One

7 DANGEROUS BACON – Stackridge

8 GO AS YOU PLEASE – Stealers Wheel


10 CHAMPION THE UNDERDOG – Sutherland Brothers and Quiver 11 ALRIGHT MA! – Stray

12 I AIN’T GOT TIME – Atlantis

13 SOMETIMES I WONDER – Sheridan and Rick Price

14 SO YOUNG AND IN LOVE – Bo’ Flyers

15 SOMETHING’S GOING ON – Ducks Deluxe

16 ORDINARY BOY – Small Wonder

17 LEAVIN’ ‘OME – The Hammersmith Gorillas

18 ZURICH 17 (BE MY BABY)- Hollywood Brats

19 GIRLFRIEND – Octopus

20 HOLE IN THE SKY* – Sheephouse


22 SPARKLE – The Fabulous Ratbites From Hell

23 THE RING OF TRUTH – Bachdenkel

24 IN A HAND OR FACE – The Who




2 DON’T YOU EVER THINK I CRY? – Rockin’ Horse

3 WE’RE NOT THEIR BOYS – Shape Of The Rain

4 LET ME TELL YOU – Fickle Pickle

5 BABY (I GOTTA GO) – Simon Turner

6 SMILE (MY SMILER’S SMILE) – Liverpool Express

7 I DON’T NEED YOU ANY MORE – Penny Arcade



10 ANNABELLA – Billy Kinsley

11 SALLY WORKS NIGHTS – Liverpool Echo

12 STAY AT HOME – Rusty

13 CHIMES OF FREEDOM – Starry Eyed And Laughing

14 BACK ROOM – Ironbridge

15 NO MATTER WHAT – Black Label

16 GOOD LOVE CHILD – Barclay James Harvest


18 SO SAD (NO LOVE OF HIS OWN) – Iain Matthews

19 JEWEL – Wolfe


21 MAYBE TOMORROW – Angel Pavement

22 BEACH BABY – The First Class

23 FROM ME AND FROM YOU – Keith Riley


*previously unreleased

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Pop Culture Roundup: Fantastic Four, Bernard Cribbins, Alan Grant, More

Marvel's new Fantastic Four film won't center around the group's familiar origin story.

ITEM! British comics writer Alan Grant, who penned tales about Batman, Doctor Who, Judge Dredd, is dead at age 73. 

ITEM! Bernard Cribbins, who played Donna's grandfather on "Doctor Who," and who enjoyed a long career in films on on British TV, is dead at age 93.

ITEM! "Games of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin missed the premiere of the new prequel series "House of the Dragon" due to coming down with COVID 19.

ITEM! A play about Batman co-creator Bill Finger is set to be performed in three U.S. cities this year.

Pop Pics: Linda and Lee


New on Video: "Planet of the Vampires" (Special Edition)

Order now from Amazon.


A Close Encounter of the Undead Kind! In this otherworldly tour de force of sci-fi thrills and Gothic chills, space travelers intercept a mysterious distress call from a distant world. Is it a desperate cry for help…or something far more sinister? After landing on the shadowy planet, the crew members clash with a horde of disembodied, soul-snatching aliens with a diabolical plan beyond their worst nightmares! A dazzling mixture of nerve-shredding suspense, eye-popping science fiction and full-blooded horror from the maestro of the macabre, Mario Bava (Black Sunday, Black Sabbath), Planet of the Vampires inspired decades of space-age shockers and now proudly stands as one of the most electrifying, visually stunning cult classics from Italian cinema’s golden age. Starring Barry Sullivan (Tell Them Willie Boy is Here, Caravans).

Special Features:

  • Brand New 2K Master
  • NEW Audio Commentary by Novelist/Critic Kim Newman and Writer/Journalist Barry Forshaw
  • Audio Commentary by Mario Bava Biographer Tim Lucas
  • Alternate Music Score Highlights
  • Original Italian Opening Credits
  • TRAILERS FROM HELL with Joe Dante
  • TRAILERS FROM HELL with Josh Olson
  • Theatrical Trailer

New on Video: "Raw Deal" - Classic Noir Directed by Anthony Mann

Order now from Amazon.


Beautifully restored exclusively for this Special Edition Blu-ray.

All Joe Sullivan wants is “a breath of fresh air.” But when you’re serving time in stir for robbery, fresh air is a rare commodity. That’s about to change though as mob boss Rick Coyle has greased the skids inside the prison walls, so Joe can make it outside where girlfriend Pat will be waiting.

But things don’t exactly go as planned for the duo as car trouble during their getaway forces them to get help from the only person nearby -- strait-laced legal assistant Ann Martin, whom they kidnap and use to evade capture. Things aren’t going as planned for Rick either who set up the escape fully expecting the fugitive to get “cut down” so he could keep the $50,000 he owes Joe for taking the rap for him.

Now past the dragnet, the trio each find themselves increasingly conflicted in their loyalties and core beliefs as Joe is torn between the two women, who both care for him, while Pat and Ann each make decisions that prove they’re not as bad, or as good, as they’re supposed to be.

Raw Deal presents the moviemaking team of director Anthony Mann and cinematographer John Alton at the peak of their success (fresh off their box office smash T-Men), offering dark, moody atmosphere filled with fog-shrouded landscapes and characters who are no strangers to the “left-handed endeavor” of crime. Scenarist John C. Higgins (He Walked by Night) and co-writer Leopold Atlas offer a taut, suspenseful tale of one man’s desperate bid for freedom and the two women who love him.

Dennis O’Keefe, star of the earlier T-Men, contributes a first-rate performance as the determined Joe, with Marsha Hunt (Pride and Prejudice) as Ann and Oscar® winning actress Claire Trevor (Key Largo) as the fiercely loyal Pat. Raw Deal also features a suitably slimy Raymond Burr as Rick, John Ireland as Burr’s sadistic henchman Fantail, and noir standbys Regis Toomey and Whit Bissell. Raw Deal is film noir at its finest!


  • Feature length audio commentary by author and film historian Jeremy Arnold
  • Deadly is the Male: The Making of Raw Deal - A Featurette with writer and film historian Julie Kirgo, film historian & director Courtney Joyner and biographer & producer Alan K. Rode
  • Dennis O’Keefe: An Extraordinary Ordinary Guy - A featurette with Jim O’Keefe (son of Dennis O’Keefe) and biographer & producer Alan K. Rode & film historian & director Courtney Joyner
  • An image gallery with rare stills, posters and other promotional material
  • Restoration Comparison
  • Trailers
  • PLUS: A 24 page booklet with an essay by author Max Alvarez (The Crime Films of Anthony Mann) featuring stills, posters and other production material

New Pop Culture Books: Superman '78! D&D History! Tarzan! Doc Savage! More!

Click the links to order from Amazon. 

In the late 1970s moviegoers were thrilled by the words "You'll believe a man can fly!," which introduced actor Christopher Reeve as the silver screen's charming new Man of Steel. These adventures are set in a world where superheroes are strange, thrilling, and romantic.
    These stories, written by comics veteran Robert Venditti (Hawkman, Green Lantern, Justice League) with crisply drawn art by Wilfredo Torres, feature colorful villains like Brainiac and Lex Luthor, as well as the heroism of Superman and the determined grit of reporter Lois Lane.
    Collects the first 12 chapters of the Superman '78 digital comics series.

Role-playing game historian Ben Riggs unveils the secret history of TSR― the company that unleashed imaginations with Dungeons & Dragons, was driven into ruin by disastrous management decisions, and then saved by their bitterest rival.
    Co-created by wargame enthusiasts Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, the original Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game released by TSR (Tactical Studies Rules) in 1974 created a radical new medium: the role-playing game. For the next two decades, TSR rocketed to success, producing multiple editions of D&D, numerous settings for the game, magazines, video games, New York Times bestselling novels by Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, and R. A. Salvatore, and even a TV show! 
    But by 1997, a series of ruinous choices and failed projects brought TSR to the edge of doom―only to be saved by their fiercest competitor, Wizards of the Coast, the company behind the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering.
    Unearthed from Ben Riggs’s own adventurous campaign of in-depth research, interviews with major players, and acquisitions of secret documents, Slaying the Dragon reveals the true story of the rise and fall of TSR. 
    Go behind the scenes of their Lake Geneva headquarters where innovative artists and writers redefined the sword and sorcery genre, managers and executives sabotaged their own success by alienating their top talent, ignoring their customer fanbase, accruing a mountain of debt, and agreeing to deals which, by the end, made them into a publishing company unable to publish so much as a postcard.
    As epic and fantastic as the adventures TSR published, Slaying the Dragon is the legendary tale of the rise and fall of the company that created the role-playing game world.

Stranger Things: The Official Coloring Book
From Hawkins to the Upside Down, explore the strange and spooky world of Stranger Things with this first-ever, official Netflix coloring book. Color in the Creel House, Steve and Robin serving up ice cream at Scoops Ahoy, or the terrifying Demogorgon in full attack mode.
    Featuring 76 original illustrations and thick paper, this coloring book is the perfect way to relive the greatest moments from this hugely popular show.

Agent Josephine: American Beauty, French Hero, British Spy
Prior to World War II, Josephine Baker was a music-hall diva renowned for her singing and dancing, her beauty and sexuality; she was the highest-paid female performer in Europe. When the Nazis seized her adopted city, Paris, she was banned from the stage, along with all “negroes and Jews.” Yet instead of returning to America, she vowed to stay and to fight the Nazi evil. Overnight, she went from performer to Resistance spy.
    In Agent Josephine, bestselling author Damien Lewis uncovers this little-known history of the famous singer’s life. During the war years, as a member of the French Nurse paratroopers—a cover for her spying work—Baker participated in numerous clandestine activities and emerged as a formidable spy. In turn, she was a hero of the three countries in whose name she served—the US, France, and Britain.
    Drawing on a plethora of new historical material and rigorous research, including previously undisclosed letters and journals, Lewis upends the conventional story of Josephine Baker, explaining why she fully deserves her unique place in the French Panthéon.

Elvis - The Legend: The Authorized Book from the Official Graceland Archive
This book tells the personal story of Elvis and his relationships with those near and dear to him and contains more than 150 colour and black and white photographs from the Graceland archives, accompanied by insightful text from an author with a proven Elvis track record.
    To take you closer than ever before to the King, 30 items of rare memorabilia are carefully reproduced on the page, including personal letters, receipts, telegrams, publicity material and other fascinating items which provide new insight into the life of a legend.
    There are photographs of Elvis himself, Elvis with friends and family, and all manner of personal artifacts, including guitars, jewelry, clothing, vehicles and more.

Don Bluth never felt like a Donald. So people have always called him Don. A matinee of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs awakened something within him. Despite growing up in rural Texas and Utah, he practiced and worked hard to become an Hollywood animator. And after working alongside his idol Walt Disney, and on films including Sleeping Beauty, The Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood, Winne the Pooh, The Rescuers, and Pete’s Dragon, he realized that the company had changed into something he didn’t necessarily believe in. So made the industry-shocking decision to start his own animation studio.
    It was from that studio—Don’s studio—that came such award-winning, generation-defining films as The Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Anastasia, and the video game Dragon’s Lair.
    Now, after more than half a century in the movie business, Don is ready to tell the story of his life. How his passions for artistry, integrity, and his Mormon faith shaped him into the beloved icon whose creativity, entrepreneurship, and deeply-held beliefs entertained, enthralled, and inspired millions across the globe.
    Exclusive original art makes this book perfect for fans, cineasts, and anyone looking “somewhere out there” for inspiration and motivation.

Soon after the birth of Mickey Mouse, one animator raised the Disney Studio far beyond Walt’s expectations. That animator also led a union war that almost destroyed it. Art Babbitt animated for the Disney studio throughout the 1930s and through 1941, years in which he and Walt were jointly driven to elevate animation as an art form, up through Snow White, Pinocchio, and Fantasia.
    But as America prepared for World War II, labor unions spread across Hollywood. Disney fought the unions while Babbitt embraced them. Soon, angry Disney cartoon characters graced picket signs as hundreds of animation artists went out on strike. Adding fuel to the fire was Willie Bioff, one of Al Capone’s wiseguys who was seizing control of Hollywood workers and vied for the animators’ union.
    Using never-before-seen research from previously lost records, including conversation transcriptions from within the studio walls, author and historian Jake S. Friedman reveals the details behind the labor dispute that changed animation and Hollywood forever.

The stories of King Arthur and Merlin, Lancelot and Guinevere, Galahad, Gawain, Tristan and the rest of the Knights of the Roundtable, and the search for the Holy Grail have been beloved for centuries and are the inspiration of many modern fantasy novels, films, and shows. These legends began when an obscure Celtic hero named Arthur stepped on to the stage of history sometime in the sixth century, generating a host of oral tales that would be inscribed some 900 years later by Thomas Malory in his classic Morte D’Arthur (The Death of Arthur).
    The Great Book of King Arthur brings these legends into the modern age, using accessible prose for contemporary readers for the first time. In addition to the stories in Morte D’Arthur, John Matthews includes many tales of Arthur and his knights either unknown to Malory or written in other languages, such as the story of Avenable, the girl brought up as a boy who becomes a famous knight; Morien, whose adventures are as fantastic and exciting as any found in Malory’s work; and a retelling of the life of Round Table favorite Gawain, from his strange birth to his upbringing among the poor to his ascension to the highest position—Emperor of Rome.
    In addition, there are some of the earliest tales of Arthur, deriving from the tradition of Celtic storytelling. The epic hero is represented in such powerful stories as “The Adventures of Eagle-boy” and “The Coming of Merlin,” which is based on the early medieval text Vita Merlini and tells a completely new version of the great enchanter’s story. 
    The Great Book of King Arthur includes 15 full-color paintings and 25 pencil drawings.

Founded in 1960 by surfer, artist, and filmmaker John Severson, Surfer was the longest continuously published surf magazine, referred to as “the bible of the sport.” Surfer was firmly established as the sport’s leading voice, serving as a template for a small but growing number of surf magazines around the world. Featuring a mix of travel articles, contest reporting, surf spot profiles, big wave pictorials, and surfer interviews, Surfer worked with the world’s best photographers, writers, and graphic designers. This voluminous anthology features the most time-less, inspirational, and historically significant covers and interior pages from the magazine’s extensive archive and depicts the chronological progression of the sport, the gear, the style, and the world’s top surfers throughout the decades, from Mickey Dora to Kelly Slater and Laird Hamilton.
    This is the perfect book for those who surf or spend time in the ocean and for anyone interested in a historical reference guide to modern day surfing and its highly influential style and subculture.

With the consumerist euphoria of the fifties still going strong and the race to the moon at its height, the mood of advertising in the sixties was cheerful, optimistic, and at times, revolutionary. The decade’s ads touted perceived progress―such as tang and instant omelets - "just add water"―while striving to reinforce good old American values.
    Stars like Sean Connery, Woody Allen, Salvador Dalí, and Sammy Davis Jr. endorsed everything from bourbon to handmade suits in an attempt by Madison Avenue to urge Americans to open their wallets and participate in one giant consumer binge. Social change at the end of the era brought psychedelic swirls and liberated women and minorities to a newly conscious public. Keep an eye out for some of the more surprising and controversial ads―such as Tupperware billing its storage container as a "wifesaver."
    From forgotten cars, to cigarettes to food and much more, this colorful collection of print ads explores the wide, wonderful world of 60s Americana.

This incarnation of the Jungle Lord is presented in Sunday newspaper landscape format, with all-new stories penned by comics legend Roy Thomas (Conan the Barbarian, Avengers, X-Men) with stunning illustration by Thomas Grindberg, whose work stands alongside classic Tarzan illustrators such as Hal Foster, J. Allen St. John, and Frank Frazetta. No Tarzan comics collection is complete without Tarzan: The New Adventures.

USA, the Great Depression. Lester Dent and Walter Gibson are the most-prolific, widely published storytellers on earth, authors of Doc Savage and The Shadow magazines—ground-breaking pulp heroes inspiring Superman and Batman, and launching the comic book age.
    Tasked with writing two Shadow novels each month, Gibson uses a battery of typewriters, resting bloodied fingertips between books as he pounds out 1,680,000 words a year. Attempting a similar impossible schedule, Dent suffers an apparent nervous breakdown—beginning to see and actually interact with his Doc Savage characters, come-to-life.
    In 1949, Dent pens his oddest and last-published Doc Savage novel, one in which he sends his strapping bronze adventurer into the very heart of Hell. Ten years later, Dent is dead.
    Jump decades: The nearly forgotten Doc Savage and Shadow pulp novels are enjoying new life in paperback, selling millions of copies. Yet, simultaneously, people report seeing a strange, black-clad figure with coal-fire eyes around an old brownstone on Gay Street in Greenwich Village. The building in question? The very one in which Gibson penned the last of his Shadow novels in 1949. A dabbler in the occult, Gibson insists to interviewers the specter is that of The Shadow, and is a tulpa, or “living mind-projection,” spawned by his unrivaled literary output. But another, far more sinister “mind creature” is actively threatening the world, a tulpa hatched by an adolescent Lester Dent and left to lash out from earth’s fiery center.
    In the tradition of Michael Chabon’s Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, and Paul Malmont’s The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril, Edgar Award-finalist Craig McDonald offers a haunting mix of history and meta-fiction centered on the very act of literary creation, but served up as 21st Century, pulp-lit adventure in which pulp fiction characters literally come to life.

Pop Culture Roundup: Horror Comics! U2 in a Sphere! SMG back to TV! More!

Vault Comics has announced a new, jumbo-sized horror anthology title.

ITEM! U2 is set to play a Las Vegas residency next year inside "the largest spherical structure on earth.

ITEM! Sarah Michelle Gellar is set to appear in a new supernatural TV series.

ITEM! Fantagraphics Books has struck up a new partnership with Sunday Comics, a publisher of vintage newspaper strips.

ITEM! Neil Young still doesn't think its safe to tour in a COVID world. He may be right. I've got a mild case right now after having successfully avoided the bug and its various variations for two years.

Check Out a New Range of Black Panther Marvel Legends Action Figures from Hasbro

Another new batch of Marvel Legends figures from Hasbro. Click the links to order items from Amazon.

Pop Pic: The Dude Abides


Best New Comic Book Covers of the Week, July 27