The new season, TV Guide-style

Years ago, I'd get very excited to see TV Guide's annual preview of the new fall TV shows. It was nearly as exciting as the Sears Wishbook at Christmas time.

In these days, when new shows come and go almost constantly and can be watched virtually anytime, anyplace, that excitement has become a thing of the past. I follow TV Guide on Twitter, but haven't looked at the magazine in years. Yet, this gallery of Fall Preview covers presses nostalgic buttons. I'm sure it will for many of you, too.

Video Find: The Monkees on Glenn Campbell's "Good Time Hour"

Video: DC Heroes Super Season Trailer

Vintage pic: John and Ringo


Kirby 100: Portraits of Jack

We've spent most of the past month looking at Jack Kirby's arts. Now, on the 100th anniversary of his birth, is a look at the man, himself.

Jack and Stan Lee

Jack and his beloved with Roslyn

Coming Up: Doctor Who - The Daleks Soundtrack

Out Sept. 15, this is the original soundtrack to the early "Doctor Who" serial.

Order from Amazon now.

Track list:
1. Doctor Who (Original Theme) - Delia Derbyshire And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

  2. Forest Atmosphere
  3. Skaro: Petrified Forest Atmosphere ("Thal Wind") - Brian Hodgson And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  4. Forest With Creature
  5. City Music 1 & 2
  6. Thing In Jungle
  7. TARDIS Computer - Brian Hodgson And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  8. City Music 3
  9. Dalek City Corridor - Brian Hodgson And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  10. The Daleks
  11. Radiation Sickness
  12. Dalek Control Room - Brian Hodgson And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  13. The Storm 1 & 2
  14. The Storm Continued (Susan Meets Alydon)
  15. Inside The City
  16. What's Inside A Dalek
  17. The Fight
  18. The Ambush
  19. Fluid Link
  20. Rising Tension
  21. Demented Dalek
  22. The Swamp
  23. The Cave 1
  24. Barbara Loses The Rope
  25. High Sound And Heartbeats (Antodus And Ganatus)
  26. Pebble Dropped
  27. Captive Of The Daleks
  28. Heartbeats (Antodus Falls)
  29. The Cave II
  30. Capsule Oscillation (Dalek Destructor Fuse/Bomb Countdown) - Brian Hodgson And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  31. Explosion/TARDIS Stops - Brian Hodgson And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  32. Five Explosions
  33. The Ambush (Loop)
  34. Funeral Chords
  35. Funeral Chords (Alternative)
  36. Funeral Chords (Loop)

Kirby 100

Celebrating the centenary of comic's greatest visionary: Jack Kirby!