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Coming Up: 'Written In Their Soul: The Stax Songwriter Demos' Box Set of Rarities on the Way

Out June 23. Order now from Amazon.

Written In Their Soul: The Stax Songwriter Demos brings together 146 demos from the legendary Stax Records. Including 140 recordings that are previously unreleased, this collection combines both songwriter demos of some of music’s biggest songs with full blown arrangements of never released tracks. This 7-CD set, packaged in 7x7 boxset, also included a new essay by Stax's original Director of Publicity Deanie Parker and GRAMMY-winning writer Robert Gordon alongside archival photos. It is compiled by multi-GRAMMY award winning producer Cheryl Pawelski.

-Contains 146 tracks, 140 previously unreleased

-Packaged in 7x7 boxset

-Booklet includes new essay by Stax's original Director of Publicity Deanie Parker and GRAMMY-winning writer Robert Gordon

-Compiled by multi-GRAMMY award winning producer Cheryl Pawelski.

-Featuring original demos of the hit single “634-5789 (Soulsville, USA),” “If You’re Ready (Come Go With Me),” “Woman to Woman,” and “Respect Yourself”, amongst others.

Disc One: Stax Writers, Stax Releases (Part One)
1. Comfort Me – Carla Thomas
2. You Make A Strong Girl Weak – Jeanne & The Darlings
3. What Did I Do Wrong – William Bell
4. Another Night Without My Man – Carla Thomas
5. I Got Everything I Need – Eddie Floyd
6. Mister Fix It – Eddie Floyd
7. I’ll Always Have Faith In You – Eddie Floyd
8. Got To Make A Comeback – Eddie Floyd
9. I’ve Seen What Loneliness Can Do – Homer Banks
10. Slow Train – William Bell
11. Hear My Call, Here – The Staple Singers
12. Top Of The Mountain – The Staple Singers
13. I See It – The Staple Singers
14. The Ghetto – The Staple Singers
15. You Can’t Win With A Losing Hand – Eddie Floyd
16. Sweet Sensation – Carla Thomas
17. Spare Me The Hurt Of Losing You – The Newcomers
18. Third Child – Bettye Crutcher
19. Respect Yourself – Mack Rice
20. People Come Out Of Your Shell – Bettye Crutcher
21. I’ll Be Your Shelter (In Time Of Storm) – Homer Banks

Disc Two: Stax Writers, Stax Releases (Part Two)
1. Get Up About Yourself – Homer Banks
2. All Day Preachin’ – Bettye Crutcher
3. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right – Homer Banks
4. We The People – Carl Smith
5. Do The Sweetback – March Wind
6. What Would I Do – Leon Moore
7. Heaven Knows – Homer Banks
8. I May Not Be All You Want (But I’m All You Got) – Homer Banks
9. True Love Don’t Grow On Trees – Veda Brown
10. (I Didn’t Know What Losing Was) ’Til I Lost You – Eddie Floyd
11. Until I Lost You – March Wind
12. Drown Yourself – Bettye Crutcher
13. If You’re Ready (Come Go With Me) – Homer Banks
14. I Got To Be Myself – Carl Smith
15. You’re Spreading Yourself A Little Too Thin – Bettye Crutcher
16. Take A Walk Down My Street – Bettye Crutcher
17. Before The Honeymoon – Homer Banks
18. Nobody But You – Mack Rice
19. Hot Line To Jesus – Mack Rice
20. I Hear Footsteps (Coming Closer) – William Brown

Disc Three: Stax Writers, Stax Releases (Part Three)
1. I’ll Be The Other Woman – Shelbra Bennett
2. We’ve Got Love On Our Side – Bettye Crutcher
3. It’s So Wonderful – Frederick Knight
4. That’s What Friends Are For – Mack Rice
5. Sugar Daddy – Bettye Crutcher
6. Woman To Woman – Henderson Thigpen
7. So Glad To Have You – Bettye Crutcher
8. Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’ – Mack Rice
9. Dy-No-Mite (Did You Saw My Love) – Mack Rice
10. Your Love Is Amazin’ – Eddie Floyd
11. Walk On To your New Love – Bettye Crutcher
12. Something Ain’t Right – Mack Rice
13. There Is A God – Bettye Crutcher
14. Packed Up And Took My Mind – Denise LaSalle
15. Don’t You Know That It’s All Right – Joe Shamwell & Eddie Floyd
16. Who Made The Man – Mack Rice
17. It Don’t Pay To Get Up In The Morning – Mack Rice

Disc Four: Moonlighting – Stax Writers, Non-Stax Releases
1. Don’t Let The Love Light Leave – Carla Thomas
2. I’ve Got No Time To Lose – Deanie Parker
3. A Woman’s Love – Carla Thomas
4. 634-5789 (Soulsville, USA) – Eddie Floyd
5. Linda Sue Dixon – Mack Rice
6. Told You For The Last Time – Delaney Bramlett
7. Let Me Know – Mack Rice
8. Let Me Be Yours – Joe Shamwell
9. We Can Love – Eddie Floyd
10. Without You – Mack Rice
11. Shouting Out Love – Veda Brown
12. Take My Body – Bettye Crutcher
13. I’ve Got A Feeling (We’ll Be Seeing Each Other Again) – Homer Banks
14. I Could Never Be Satisfied – Mack Rice
15. Everybody’s Hustling – Mack Rice
16. Either You Love Me Or Leave Me – Homer Banks
17. I’ve Never Been This Close To Jesus – Mack Rice
18. Pussy Footing Around – Mack Rice
19. This Time Yesterday – Mack Rice
20. Are We Slipping Away – Mack Rice
21. I Wanna Slow Dance Wit’cha – Frederick Knight
22. What You Did To Me Last Night – Bettye Crutcher

Disc Five: Uncut Songs (Part One)
1. Got To Make You Mine – Eddie Floyd
2. Come On Dance With Me – Rufus Thomas
3. I Got To Go For That – Rufus Thomas
4. Spin It – Deanie Parker
5. Nobody Wants To Get Old – Deanie Parker & Mack Rice
6. Such A Feeling – Eddie Floyd
7. Never Say No To The One You Love – Eddie Floyd
8. Looks Like Another Hot Summer – Steve Cropper & Eddie Floyd
9. Give You All The Love I Got – Eddie Floyd
10. It’s Up To You – Carla Thomas
11. Let’s Be Sure – Carla Thomas
12. Oo-we Baby What You Do To Me – Booker T. Jones
13. Coming Together – Homer Banks
14. It’s Over – Homer Banks
15. Break Out (aka Bust Out) - Wendy Rene
16. Walk On Back – Unknown
17. Come On Down – Mack Rice
18. Can’t Make Enough – William Bell
19. Love Is You – Eddie Floyd
20. Let’s Get Down To Business – Bettye Crutcher
21. Stone For Stone – Henderson Thigpen
22. I Won’t Do You No Dirt – William Bell
23. Just Too right To Be Wrong – Mack Rice
24. Song #2 – The MG’s

Disc Six: Uncut Songs (Part Two)
1. Too Much Sugar For A Dime – Homer Banks
2. Too Much Sugar For A Dime – Bettye Crutcher
3. You Knock Me Out – Homer Banks
4. I Should Have Changed My Ways – Jimmy Hughes
5. ’Til You’ve Been Loved By Me – Eddie Floyd
6. Deaf And Dumb – Mack Rice
7. It’s No Secret – William Bell
8. Somebody’s Got You Baby – Marshall Jones
9. Something Keeps Holding Me Back – Mack Rice
10. Take It All Off – Bettye Crutcher
11. Don’t You Know I’m All Alone – Eddie Floyd
12. Sweet Dreams (I Had Of You) – Eddie Floyd
13. Ain’t No Love Like My Baby’s Love – Bettye Crutcher
14. Just The Way You Loved Me – Bettye Crutcher
15. Glory Glory I Love Him – Eddie Floyd
16. Stay With Me – Eddie Floyd
17. Three Meals A Day – Mack Rice
18. Everybody Is Talking Love – Bettye Crutcher
19. Didn’t Love Straighten It Out – Homer Banks
20. We Don’t Need Stone Walls – John KaSandra
21. You’re Funny Boy – Carl Smith

Disc Seven: Uncut Songs (Part Three)
1. Shadows On The Wall – Eddie Floyd
2. Grandpa’s Will – Homer Banks
3. Whatcha Gonna Do (When You Find The One) – Bettye Crutcher
4. I Got To Keep On Taking Chances – Jimmy Hughes
5. Thank You For Loving Me – William Bell
6. Do Me Wrong – Eddie Floyd
7. Put It To A Vote – Carl Smith & Marshall Jones
8. Dammit – Eddie Floyd & Mack Rice
9. The Yard Man – Bettye Crutcher
10. Don’t Stay Gone Too Long – Bettye Crutcher
11. How Can I Win Your Love – Eddie Floyd
12. Every Now And Then – Mack Rice
13. Somewhere In Somebody’s Heart – Willie Singleton
14. Love Treaty – Willie Singleton
15. Staying With My Man – Eddie Floyd
16. Bread Winner – Mack Rice
17. Got To Be Somebody For Me – Eddie Floyd
18. Hometown Lover – Eddie Floyd
19. Do You Want Me To Lie To You – Bettye Crutcher
20. I Don’t Care Anymore – Shirley Brown
21. I Like The Way You Groove Me – Frederick Knight

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New Comics Collected Editions: Carmine Infantino! Epic Thor!

Our picks this week.

The DC Universe wouldn't be what it is today without the legendary Carmine Infantino! Legends of the DC Universe: Carmine Infantino collects All-American Comics #95, All-Star Comics #40, Comic Cavalcade #28, Danger Trail #1-4, DC Comics Presents #73, DC Special #1, Detective Comics #327 and #332, Flash Comics #86, #90, and #92, House of Mystery #296, Mystery in Space #3, Secret Hearts#8, Secret Origins #17, Sensation Comics #87, Showcase #4, Strange Adventures #205, Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #89, The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #4, The Brave and the Bold #49, The Flash #112 and #123, and Western Comics #73

Writer Len Wein is joined by all-time great THOR artist Walter Simonson, and there's no question that what's in store will be legendary! Odin has disappeared, and Asgard needs its All-Father, so Thor ventures across the vastness of space to find him. But his quest will bring him into conflict with the Enchantress, the Executioner, the Destroyer and, of course, Loki! Then, Roy Thomas and John Buscema take up the hammer! Tapping deep into Thor's mythic roots, the duo crafts amazing adventures featuring the death of Balder, the Midgard Serpent and a new Norse Thor! Also featuring rare Thor and Hercules stories from MARVEL PREVIEW, a team-up with the Guardians of the Galaxy against Korvac, and the beginning of the epic Eternals saga!
    Collecting THOR (1966) #260-280 and ANNUAL #6-7, and MARVEL PREVIEW #10.