Gene Colan's Batman covers

Gene Colan, who died June 23 at age 84, was one of Marvel Comics' most popular and prolific artists, penciling everything from Daredevil and Doctor Strange to Captain America, Iron Man, Tomb of Dracula and Howard the Duck. But, in the early 80s, he drifted over to DC, collaborating with writer Marv Wolfman on a pretty nifty horror title, Night Force, and with Doug Moench on a memorable run of Batman comics. Both are set to be reprinted soon.

Here's a look at Gene the Dean's cover work on Batman and Detective Comics of that period:

A couple of new Hobbit movie pics

Empire magazine has published a couple of new pics of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins and Ian McKellen as Gandalf in Peter Jackson's upcoming adaptation of "The Hobbit."

New Mojo mag puts focus on McCartney

I've been enjoying the latest couple of expanded Paul McCartney reisues -- McCartney and the underrated, fun and bonkers McCartney II -- and am happy to see the world's best music mag, Mojo, sharing in my enthusiasm.

The mag's latest issue features a McCartney cover story, with a focus on McCartney II, plus a free "roots of Paul McCartney" CD.


FREE CD! THE ROOTS OF PAUL McCARTNEY: 15 Classic tracks by Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Eddie Cochran, Ray Charles, Larry Williams, Big Joe Turner, The Coasters & more!

PAUL McCARTNEY: Back in 1980 McCartney II sounded like a man losing his marbles. Today it sounds like the future. The man behind the music explains the philosophy of “play” that drives his solo work. Plus Brian Wilson, Elvis Costello, Greil Marcus and more choose their 50 Macca moments.