Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore publicity photo

Avengers Week: Jack Kirby covers pt. 1

Some great covers from the Avengers early days.

Avengers Week! Celebrating Marvel Comics' super team

As most people likely to drift across this blog likely already knows, the big screen "Avengers" opens in the U.S. this Friday.

In anticipation, we'll celebrate the Avengers' comic book roots, spotlighting the various artists who've contributed to the team's Marvel adventures over the past 40-plus years.

Image by Michael Cho.

DVD new releases May 1, 2012: Invisible Man TV series; Shazzan; George Harrison!

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Invisible Man: Complete Series

Shazzan: The Complete Series

George Harrison: Living In The Material World

Music new releases May 1, 2012: Norah Jones; George Harrison; Avengers soundtrack; Monkees; Lee Hazelwood; Cilla Black; Bear Family's history of doo-wop; Kevin Ayers!

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Little Broken Hearts

Early Takes Volume 1 by George Harrison

Avengers Assemble

The Birds, the Bees & The Monkees

Once Upon A Time: Original Television Soundtrack

Lhi Years: Singles Nudes & Backsides 1968-71 by Lee Hazelwood

Completely Cilla 1963 - 1973 by Cilla Black

Street Corner Symphonies: The Complete Story of Doo Wop, Vol. 1: 1939-1949

Vol. 2-Street Corner Symphonies 1950

Vol. 3-Street Corner Symphonies 1951

Vol. 4-Street Corner Symphonies 1952

Vol. 5-Street Corner Symphonies 1953

Harvest Years 1969 - 1974 by Kevin Ayers