Video Find: 1970s documentary short about Marvel Comics artist Herb Trimpe


This is a 25 minute documentary film about the Marvel Comic book artist Herb Trimpe.

This was a film project produced at New York University's Graduate Institute of film & TV in 1970-71 and was directed by Jon Michael Riley and Doro Bachrach. Sound was by Don Cirillo and cinematography by Eric Reiner. Polly Hacker was production assistant.

Herb Trimpe was a young star among comic book artists in the late 60's (he began at Marvel in April of 1968) and early 1970s. Herb was one of the first, perhaps the first to do the Incredible Hulk comic, as well as a host of other titles for Stan Lee and Marvel.

This film highlights Herb's attitudes about life and work as a comic book artist and is shown with his Peekskill, NY friend, Bob Barthelmes with whom he attended school since kindergarten.

Also featured is Flo Steinberg and some footage of the Marvel "bullpen" with other notable comic book artists. This may be the only film footage shot at Marvel at that time. Herb's family has given me permission to upload this film to make it easier for people interested in Herb and his beautiful comic book art. Note: This video was made from an aged and partially damaged 16 mm B/W print that was transferred to DVD. A key word ("anonymity") is missing from the opening voice over lines.

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From the creator of The Walking Dead, get the stories behind your favorite comic books in a brand-new documentary series, Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics. Don’t miss the two-night premiere event starting Sunday, Nov. 12 at 11/10c.

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Coming Up: Dionne Warwick Odds & Ends--Scepter Records Rarities

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Dionne Warwick’s ‘60s Recordings for the Scepter Label (Many Written by the Legendary Team of Hal David and Burt Bacharach) Remain Right at the Pinnacle of ‘60s Pop

With a Total of 40 Chart Hits, Dionne’s Run at Scepter Is the Most Successful of Any Female Artist on an Independent Label During the ‘60s

But All That Success Led the Scepter Label to Be Bought and Sold Twice Before Dionne Bought Her Tapes Back, Leaving Her Recordings in Disarray

Now, Real Gone Music Is Bringing Order to the Pop Universe with a 26-Track Collection of Dionne Warwick Rarities from the Scepter Vaults

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Includes Stereo Single Versions of Songs Like “He’s Moving On” and “Amanda”

Also Features Foreign-Language Single Versions of Such Hits as “A House Is Not a Home” and “Walk On By” and Long-Lost Songs Like “Monday, Monday” and “Our Ages or Our Hearts”

Released with Cooperation of the Legendary Dionne Warwick Herself, Who Sat Down for an 

Interview with Liner Note Writer Joe Marchese

Also Includes Rare Photos Remastered by Ted Carfrae

Some of the Greatest—and Rarest—Vocal Pop of the ‘60s

With a total of 40 Pop chart hits, Dionne Warwick’s recordings for the Scepter label rank as arguably the most successful run of any artist—and certainly of any female artist—for an independent label during the 1960s. But all that success had a downside for her considerable legacy: Scepter became a hot property for acquisition, and as a result the label’s holdings were bought and sold several times before Dionne herself arranged to buy her own masters back. By that time, though, the Scepter tapes had been scattered in disarray, thus leaving a lot of material in limbo and causing compilers to throw up their hands. Well, where other reissue labels fear to tread Real Gone Music goes full speed ahead! 

Odds & Ends—Scepter Records Rarities offers 26 hard-to-find tracks (plus some bonus promo spots) from the Scepter vaults, including rare alternate versions (of hits like “Don’t Make Me Over,” “I Say a Little Prayer,” and “Do You Know the Way to San Jose”), stereo singles (“He’s Moving On;” “Amanda”), foreign language singles (“A House Is Not a Home” in Italian and French; “Walk On By” in German and Italian), stereo mixes (of “Get Rid of Him” and “Silent Voices”), and just plain lost tracks (like “Our Ages or Our Hearts” and “Monday, Monday”). Many of the selections are previously unissued and most are making their CD debut. What’s more, this one’s released with the full cooperation of the legendary lady, Dionne herself, who sat down for an interview with liner note writer Joe Marchese, and includes rare photos. Remastered by Ted Carfrae, Odds & Ends—Scepter Records Rarities is a stone solid must for any Dionne fan, and of course any Bacharach-David fan as well…this is some of the greatest—and rarest—vocal pop music of the ‘60s!

  1. I Say a Little Prayer (Alternate Version)
  2. Monday, Monday
  3. A House Is Not a Home (Italian Version)
  4. He's Moving On (Stereo Single Non-Soundtrack Version)
  5. Amanda (Stereo Single Non-Soundtrack Version)
  6. Walk On By (German Version)
  7. Get Rid of Him (Stereo Mix)
  8. Don't Make Me Over (Alternate Version)
  9. Reach Out for Me (French Version)
  10. The Good Life (Studio Mix)
  11. Loneliness Remembers What Happiness Forgets (Alternate Version)
  12. Walk Little Dolly (Italian Version)
  13. If You Let Me Make Love to You, Then Why Can't I Touch You
  14. La Vie En Rose (English Version)
  15. You'll Never Get to Heaven (German Version)
  16. As Long as There's an Apple Tree (Extended Version)
  17. Our Ages or Our Hearts
  18. How Many Days of Sadness (French Version)
  19. I Love Paris (Studio Mix)
  20. Silent Voices (Stereo Mix)
  21. The Windows of the World (Italian Version)
  22. C'est Si Bon (Studio Mix)
  23. Odds & Ends (Alternate Version)
  24. A House Is Not a Home (French Version)
  25. Walk On By (Italian Version)
  26. Do You Know the Way to San Jose (Alternate Version)
  27. Dionne Radio Promo Spots & Public Service Announcements

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