Lost Clues: Season 2, episode 22: "Three Minutes"

Official recap from ABC:

Three Minutes
Air Date: 05/17/2006
In the aftermath of the tragedy at the Hatch, a few things are becoming clear. Michael is willing to wait no longer in order to get his son back. And Jack will never again allow his people to be terrorized by the Others. Hippocratic Oath aside, if there is to be war, let it come. And may it be -- finally -- the last battle for life on this island.

For some the war has already begun and more than one of our survivors has blood on their hands. Some just have an easier time wiping it off. So while preparations are made to bury Libby and Ana Lucia, a plan is hatched to go and end things once and for all. And it's Michael who is intent on leading the charge.

But there's a catch -- not everyone is invited to come. Just five people will be making this journey and all have been chosen by Michael himself, whether they are aware of that fact or not. And some of his choices might be surprising.

But IN FLASHBACK we get to experience the things that led Michael to this place. And when we learn the details surrounding what happened to Walt, as much as we don't want to, we can almost understand why Michael had to do what he…well, did.

What would you do to save your child's life? How far would you be willing to go? How thin could you stretch your belief in what is right vs. what is wrong? How much do those things still matter when the person you love most of all throws his arms around your neck and whispers in your ear to please, please help him? Until you are in that position yourself (and here's hoping you never are) how can you even begin to answer that question?

So here we are on the island -- all of our survivors gathered to bury their dead, their friends, as the sun sinks slowly into the sea, ending another day in this place. Charlie and Claire, perhaps forging the beginnings of an unlikely reconciliation. Kate, helping Hurley to say out loud the things he felt for Libby. Michael, now more alone than ever before, having risked absolutely everything to save his son. And Sayid, beginning to suspect there is more to this than meets the eye.

But like most things on this island, all those stories will have to wait. We've got a new topic for discussion now. And it's sailing straight for the island…


* The sailboat! Does it belong to Desmond? He told Jack he was on a race around the world.

* Why must Michael bring Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley, specifically, to the Others? What is it about these four? What will happen to them?

* How do the Others know the names of all these folks--even Sawyer's real name? Just from spying, or did they know who would be on the plane?

* Walt tells Michael that the Others aren't what they appear to be, they're "pretending." We know from earlier that the whole shipwrecked, bearded appearance of Zeke is a disguise. Why?

* Ms. Clue asks Michael about mysterious abilities Walt might have, asking him if he'd ever appeared where he's not supposed to be. We know Walt, or projections of Walt, have appeared to other people. Michael responds as if he might have experienced this himself, but we aren't sure.

* Were there really Others manning all those torches, are were they somehow fixed to turn on at Zeke's command?

* What's behind Eko's newfound zeal for punching the numbers? He's obviously startled by all the "coincidences" of the island and is a believer in fate. But what does he feel he's accomplishing by setting up full-time residency in the Hatch.

* What's Locke's deal? Has given up all hope? Where is he headed near the end of the episode?

* Why did the Others want a sample of Michael's blood? To check whether he was Walt's real father? Something else?

* What is the brick structure on the hill above the Other's camp? It looks like a battlement of some type. Perhaps dating back to Black Rock days?

* What is the "vaccine" Charlie found? He gave it to himself before handing it over to Claire. Will anything happen to him? Wouldn't it be a good idea to consult Jack before shooting this stuff up?

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