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Best Comics News and Review Sites on the Web

Good site for the latest news from the major comics' publishers. Also see: The Comics Continuum.

The Comics Journal
Online home for the influential critical journal. Gives a peek into the latest print issues, plus occasional full articles and "audio archives" featuring interviews with top writers and artists. They have a great message board too.

Comic Book Resources
One of the more extensive comics news sites on the Web. Includes the excellent and very funny column Oddball Comics, which features unintentionally hilarious art from comics of the past, and a groovy section featuring sound files of superhero cartoon shows. "Spider-man, Spider-man, does what ever a spider can..."

Superhero Hype
This site does a nice job of tracking all the buzz about the increasingly popular superhero movie genre.

Comics Worth Reading
One fan's thoughtful commentary on the latest comics from major and independent publishers alike.

Comic Monsters
Dedicated to horror and monster comics of all stripes (and even those without stripes).

Beach Boys and Brian Wilson - Best Sites on the Web
A Usenet forum dedicated to Brian and the Beach Boys.

Brian Wilson.Com
The Beach Boy leader's official site, including news, store and message board.

Beach Boys CDs

Surfin' Safari/Surfin' U.S.A.

Surfer Girl/Shut Down, Vol. 2

Little Deuce Coupe/ All Summer Long

Today/ Summer Days

Pet Sounds

Pet Sounds 40th Anniversary CD+DVD

The Pet Sounds Sessions Box Set

The Beach Boys in Concert

Smiley Smile/Wild Honey


Sunflower/Surf's Up

Carl & The Passions - So Tough / Holland

15 Big Ones/Love You

M.I.U. Album/L.A.

Keepin' The Summer Alive / The Beach Boys

Good Vibrations Box Set

Christmas With the Beach Boys

Brian Wilson CDs

Brian Wilson

I Just Wasn't Made for These Times

Live at the Roxy Theater


Orange Crate Art w/Van Dyke Parks

Brian Wilson Presents Pet Sounds Live

Gettin' in Over My Head


What I Really Want for Christmas

Pet Projects (songs produced by Brian Wilson)

Beach Boys DVDs

The Beach Boys - Endless Harmony

The Beach Boys - The Lost Concert

Beach Boys An American Band

Brian Wilson - I Just Wasn't Made for These Times

Brian Wilson presents SMiLE

Best Toy Car Sites on the Web

Corgi: Official Site
Order online, information about collecting, news, latest series (which they call "ranges"). Also see: Vintage Corgi/Dinky Toy Catalogues for tons of drool-inducing photos.

Hot Wheels: Official site
Information on the latest cars and paraphernalia, collectors club info.

Matchbox Toys: Official Site
Info and pictures of the latest releases, history of Matchbox cars.

Shabbir Malik's Matchbox Page
A wealth of information on the history of Matchbox cars with a guide to reference books/price guides and useful links.

Best Beatles Sites on the Web

What Goes On: Beatles News
Good site for the latest news, TV and magazine alerts, updates on releases, etc.
Intelligent discussion among knowledgeable fans.

Beatles Ultimate Experience: Press clippings
A collection of clippings/interviews from the 1960s.

What's Goes On: The Beatles Anomalies List
An in-depth guide to sonic oddities--glitches, mistakes, rough edits, etc.--in the Beatles' recordings. Does somebody really say "Hit me with a pizza" in the background of "Across the Universe"?

The Usenet Guide to Beatles Recording Variations
A look at how the mono/stereo, American/British versions of the Beatles' official release vary in sound.

Beatles at the Bootleg Zone
Excellent database providing information on unofficial Fabs' releases.

Beatle Money
Facts about the Beatles' ill-fated business/record company, Apple Corps.

John Lennon FBI Files
Author John Weiner presents information culled from the FBI's 1960s and 70s surveillance files on the late Beatle.

Paul McCartney: Official site
The latest news, a bio, discography and more.

The Get Back Sessions
A handy site for tracking down the best bootlegs from the 1969 sessions that led to the Let it Be album.

Beatles CD discography

Please Please Me

With the Beatles

A Hard Day's Night

Beatles for Sale


Rubber Soul


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Magical Mystery Tour

Yellow Submarine

The Beatles ("The White Album")

Let It Be

Abbey Road

Past Masters, Vol. 1

Past Masters, Vol. 2

Live at the BBC

Anthology 1

Anthology 2

Anthology 3

The Beatles 1

Let It Be... Naked

The Capitol Albums Vol. 1

The Capitol Albums Vol. 2


Beatles DVDs

Recommended Books about the Beatles

Best Movie Serial Sites on the Web

Flash Gordon
Great historical resource on the 30s and 40s movie serials based on Alex Raymond's famed comic strip.

The Serial Squadron
Extensive site with info on movie serials and radio series, including info on different characters, news about what's newly available on DVD and much more.

The Prisoner TV series Best Sites on the Web

The Prisoner: Information, Rarities, Photos and More
Great resource for fans of the classic Patrick McGoohan series. Includes an episode guide, reviews and information on Prisoner DVDs. Includes photos of Portmeiron, the unusual Welsh location that served as the Prisoner's bizarre Village.

The Prisoner Appreciation Society
Headquarters for the British-based Prisoner fan club, which holds regular conventions and publishes a magazine. The site includes historical information about the series and news updates.
Usenet home for fans who want to discuss the series.

Best Old Time Radio Sites on the Web

Old-time Radio Logs
A huge list of logs recording the episodes and airdates for classic radio programs. A wonderful resource for collectors of old broadcasts.

The OTR Plot Spot
Offering concise, non-spoiler descriptions of individual episodes of famed old-time radio series.
Usenet group for fans of OTR.

Best DC Comics Sites on the Web

DC Comics: official site
Online home to the publishers of Superman, Batman and many more. Includes news about upcoming comics, animated online comics, info about characters and more.

DC History
A very nice collection of timelines that detail the real-life publishing history of DC Comics from the beginning.

Toy Otter
Offering a wealth of information about DC Comics action figure lines from various manufacturers. Lots of pictures.
Also see: The Complete Guide to Batman-related Toys.

Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics
A huge site dedicated to DC history, including indexes of comics titles and an enormous cover scan gallery.

Infinite Atlas
A detailed guide to the pre- and post-Crisis on Infinite Earths' DC Universe. You know, Earths 1-3, etc. The page details significant happenings and mentions of all these worlds in DC's comics throughout history.

DC Comics Fortress of Memorabilia
Our own extensive image collection of off-beat and classic DC Comics-related memorabilia.

The World's Finest
A nice site dedicated to the Warner Bros. cartoon versions of Batman, Superman and the Justice Leage, featuring news, program schedules and episode guides for "Batman: The Animated Series," "Superman: The Animated Series," "Batman Beyond" and "Justice League."