Fab Friday: Rare Beatles pictures

Ringo for President!

Pop culture roundup

The floodgates are open for a rash of 1966 TV show-inspired Batman products, including toys and a DC Comics series inspired by the show. Stay tune to the Bat Channel for updates!


The Second Disc provides a thorough history of the 1966 Broadway musical "It's a Bird...it's a Plane...it's Superman!" now enjoying a revival at New York's City Center.



Via Marvel Mysteries and Comics Minutiae: Get educated on military affairs via these one-page features by Jack Kirby, originally found in the pages of Sgt. Fury and Our Fighting Forces.


Dangrous Minds recalls the Supremes guest appearance as nuns on the 1960s "Tarzan" TV show with Ron Ely.

Video find: "The Girl from Ipanema" performed by Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz

Coming up: Tarzan Sunday Strips by Hal Foster from Dark Horse

Out Aug. 13, 2013

120 Pages; HC, 15" x 20"

Beautifully restored and printed at giant size, this first volume in Dark Horse’s comprehensive collections of Hal Foster’s Tarzan Sundays reprints over one hundred strips on high-quality paper and in eye-popping color, replicating their appearance when they were brand new! Featuring historical essays on Tarzan and Foster, this astonishing volume is a must for every collector! Collecting every Tarzan Sunday strip from September 1931 through September 1933!
* From Hal Foster, creator of Prince Valiant!
* Introduction by Mark Evanier!

Britain's Royal Mail issues Doctor Who stamps

Attention philatelists: In celebration of the series' 50th anniversary, Britain's Royal Mail is issuing a series of "Doctor Who" postage stamps.

The stamps feature 11 Doctors past and present, from first Doctor William Hartnell to the current incarnation, played by Matt Smith.

You can buy 'em here.

New comics March 27, 2013: Nexus Omnnibus 2; Showcase Presents Sgt. Rock 4; Golden Age Human Torch Masterworks 1

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Nexus Omnibus Volume 2

Showcase Presents: Sgt. Rock Vol. 4

Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Human Torch - Volume 1

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