Beatle bits: Site for Lewisohn bio up; Freda Kelly interview

The official website and Twitter feed for author Mark Lewisohn's long-awaited (understatement?) mega-biography of Beatles are up-and-running. Not much to see, yet, but at least we know where to look.

The bio, "The Beatles: All These Years." is being published in three big installments, with the first one, "Tune In," due out in October.

This first 800-page volume brings us just up to the pre-fame years. Seems like overkill, but Beatles fans will likely want to read it all based on Lewisohn's excellent chronologies of the band's live and studio work and other activties.

There will reportedy be even longer versions of each installment, which Lewisohn has dubbed  "directors cut" editions. We'll keep you updated on the specifics.


The Independent has an interview with Freda Kelly, who ran the Beatles' official fan club throughout the group's existence. She even got mentioned on one of their fan club Christmas records.
Now a grandmother in her late sixties, Ms Kelly beams as she remembers having "crushes" on each of the Fab Four. But did things go any further than that? Speaking in a new documentary, Good Ol' Freda, named after a dedication by The Beatles on one of their records, she laughs: "No!" Then she quickly adds: "Pass. There are stories but I don't want anybody's hair falling out or turning curly. That's personal!"

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