BBC Radio this week: Professor Challenger; Bram Stoker; Goon Show; Fela Kuti, Eric Clapton!

Click the links to hear the following programs.

Professor Challenger: The Disintegration Machine Arthur Conan Doyle's indomitable academic investigates Latvian scientist Theodore Nemor.

Bram Stoker: The Squaw An arrogant American earns himself a horrific retribution. Tale from the Dracula author.

The Goon Show: Tales of Men's Shirts It's 1942 and Neddie Seagoon must stop the Germans' secret weapon. Stars Spike Milligan. 

Weird Tales: The House on Pale Avenue The Williams family can't settle in their new home - is it trying to tell them something? 

The Afrobeat Revolutionary Neneh Cherry concludes the story of musical pioneer and cultural revolutionary Fela Kuti. 

Guitar Greats Alexis Korner presents a profile of Eric Clapton. First broadcast in 1983. 


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