It was 50 years ago today: Paul McCartney interviewed by David Frost, May 18, 1964

Pop Focus: Star Wars 1977!

With the recent news of a new Star Wars film and its casting of some of the original cast members, I figured it's a time for a look back at when it all started.

The first "Star Wars" film is always connected with summer in my mind. I remember going to the film shortly after school let out for the year, age 11. My dad took me, which was a little unusual. He wasn't much of a moviegoer. But he was an avid reader of Time magazine, and had seen the big feature story  about the film and was intrigued by all the hype. He was always a big fan of Sir Alec Guiness, as well.

At any rate (my dad's favorite transition), we went and enjoyed it. Me more than him, naturally. I got the t-shirt. And when there were toys, I got them, too -- although I felt I was maybe a little too old for them at this point of life. But they were so cool...

It all became so huge, but at one point it wasn't. "Star Wars" is now ingrained in American culture, but at one point, it was just an oddball film -- a space opera that seemed out of place for its time and unlikely to catch on. Here's a look at those early days.