Pop Focus: Disney films of the 1970s pt. 1!

Continuing on from our previous features on Disney's live-action features of the 1950s and 1960s, we get to my childhood. Some of these I recall seeing first-run in the theater.

I've watched several of these in recent years with my kids. Fans of "Mad Men" may enjoy, and be freaked out by, seeing Robert Morse in "The Boatniks."

These early years of the decade also see teen star Kurt Russell heading up a number of decent family comedies, while Johnny Whitaker of "A Family Affair" gets tried out as the next kid star in a couple of features. James Garner turns up for "Castaway Cowboy," which I remember as somewhat fun, along with "One Little Indian," which I haven't seen. Bob Crane, post "Hogan's Heroes" turns up in the relatively funny "Super Dad."

We'll pick up the rest of the 1970s in a week or two.

Run, Cougar, Run, 1972