Pop Focus: The Disneyland Jungle Cruise

We took a deep dive into the Pirates of the Caribbean a while back. Now it's time to focus on another favorite Disneyland attraction: the Jungle Cruise.

I have vivid memories of making this "African Queen"-style expedition as a Kindergartner back in the early 1970s, as well as climbing up the stairs and ladders of the adjoining "Swiss Family Robinson" tree house.

Things have changed a bit since then. The boathouse where you line up for the tour now carries a 1940s theme that ties into the "Indiana Jones" ride next door, and the tree house now belongs to Tarzan - a tie-in to Disney's 1999 animated feature - instead of the Swiss Family Robinson.

But, apart from that, it's pretty much the same experience: Full of animatronic animals and bad jokes courtesy of the riverboat captains. Tots still thrill and adults still groan.

It's a throwback attraction to be sure, but a good one. It's nice to remember when adventure was simple. All you needed was an exotic setting to set your imagination free - no fancy effects or digital technology.

I hope you'll enjoy the collection of vintage photos and videos below. It's the next best thing to making the trip in person.