First trailer for Neil Gaimin's "Likely Stories"


Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories is a unique collection of extraordinary short stories from the pen of Neil Gaiman, starring a host of British acting talent led by Tom Hughes, Johnny Vegas, George MacKay, Rita Tushingham and Kenneth Cranham.

Hear a BBC Radio 4 documentary about the simultaneous release 50 years ago of "Pet Sounds" and "Blonde on Blonde"

Listen here.

On Monday 16th of May, 1966 two of the greatest albums of all time were released. Through archive, interviews and music from The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde, we tell the story of the music from that momentous day.

For the American music lover, the two albums would come to shape music history. Blonde on Blonde is considered Bob Dylan's magnum opus, while Pet Sounds is The Beach Boys' epic journey into the musical mind of Brian Wilson.

Fifty years on, we hear from those who remember that day - musicians who worked on the albums, and teenagers who saved up to buy the records but had a choice to make, Pet Sounds or Blonde on Blonde.

We hear of two lovers who danced in the kitchen to Pet Sounds. Wouldn't it Be Nice played as they talked of the future. On that day in 1966, Bob Dylan was playing in Sheffield, one of his forty or so worldwide shows. One Dylan fan remembers it like it was yesterday. The next day Dylan would play Manchester and be called "Judas".

One day, two musical visions.

Pop Culture Roundup: Marvel bumper stickers; Gil Kane; Stan Lee

Via Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool: Marvel bumper stickers.


Via Diversions of the Groovy Kind: Gil Kane original art.


Stan Lee's daughter, J.C., has penned a comic-style book about her parents' nearly seven-decade marriage.
Filled with never-before-seen, black-and-white and captioned family photos, Lee's book, which took three years to complete, gives fans unprecedented access into the lives of this mostly private family, headed by the creator of such popular Marvel Comics titles as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, X-Men, and Captain America, whose film sequel Captain America: Civil War has already raked in approximately 200 million in box office opening weekend.

"It was difficult, because we didn't take photos as much back then, so there weren't very many to choose from," she says. "But just through going through them and ages and dogs, I found the flow. It's like decorating a room, where once you start, the room tells you. You don't tell it. But I have to credit it to The Man Upstairs. I would not be able to do any of this without Him. I'm just a vehicle."

New Music Friday: Allen Toussaint; Corrine Bailey Rae; New Order

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