Listen to Doctor Who "The Curse of Davros" on BBC Radio 4 now

The fugitive Doctor joins forces once more with Philippa 'Flip' Jackson to beat back the Daleks' incursion into 21st century London.
But the real plan of Daleks mastermind, Davros, is taking shape nearly 200 years in the past, on the other side of the English Channel at the Battle of Waterloo...
Stars Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor, Lisa Greenwood as Flip, Terry Molloy as Davros, Ashley Kumar as Jared and Jonathan Owen as Napoleon Bonaparte.

New Music Friday: David Bowie; Patty Duke; Delfonics, more

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Pop Culture Roundup: David Tennant; DC Secret Origins; Peggy Carter, more

Netflix has ordered a "Lost in Space" reboot.


Neil Gaimin will re-tell Norse myths in his next book.

“To get the opportunity to retell the myths and poems we have inherited from the Norse was almost too good to be true,” Mr. Gaiman said in a statement released by his publisher. “I hope the scholarship is good, but much more than that, I hope that I have retold stories that read like the real thing: sometimes profound, sometimes funny, sometimes heroic, sometimes dark, and always inevitable.”

Via The Bristol Board: A great Harvey Kurtzmann 'toon:


The DVD/Blu-ray for "Captain America: Civil War" will include a "Doctor Strange" teaser among other extras.


Former "Doctor Who" star appeared on Samantha Bee's "Full Frontal" this week, reading angry tweets about Donald Trump's visit to Scotland.


A post from Crivens! Comics and Stuff reminded me of this cool DC Comics series:


A new trailer for Marvel's Puzzle Quest mobile game features 1940s Peggy Carter as Captain America: