David Tennant is a Scrooge (McDuck)

Former "Doctor Who" David Tennant will voice Scrooge McDuck in a re-boot of the "Duck Tales" animated series. Here he is with the rest of the cast singing the show's theme tune:

Merry Christmas, from Canada Dry

New Music Dec. 16, 2016: The Kinks; Don Rich

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Listen now: BBC Radio adapts James Bond: Thunderball

These audio Bonds from the Beeb are great fun:
It's 1959. Blackmail. The western world is in jeopardy. Can James Bond prevent nuclear disaster?
Martin Jarvis directs an all-star cast as SPECTRE's pilot hijacks a Vindicator bomber carrying two atomic bombs. Once its cargo is delivered to the Bahamas, he is killed and the bombs are secreted on board the cruiser Disco Volante. The British Prime Minister receives a letter from criminal mastermind Ernst Blofeld - two major cities will be decimated unless a huge ransom is paid.
Operation Thunderball attempts to recover the nuclear weapons.
M assigns 007 to the Bahamas. He joins forces with CIA's Felix Leiter. Bond meets Domino - mistress of Blofeld's second-in-command, Largo and sister of the dead pilot - and recruits her to spy on Largo.
The ransom deadline nears. After an undersea battle Bond locates the bombs en route to the first target. Will nuclear disaster be averted?
Other parts played by members of the cast
Specially composed music by Mark Holden and Philip Smoot
Dramatised by Archie Scottney
Director: Martin Jarvis
Producer: Rosalind Ayres
A Jarvis and Ayres production for BBC Radio 4.
Listen here.

Pop Culture Roundup: Wonder Woman; Richard Kyle; James Bond; John Buscema; Jack Kirby

Happy New Year! Check out the 1975 Marvel Comics calendar.


The United Nations has revoked Wonder Woman's status as an "ambassador of Empowerment" because: "she is a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions, scantily clad in a shimmery, thigh-baring body suit." However, a petition has been launched to reinsert her in the role.


Comics fandom pioneer Richard Kyle, who is credited for creating the term "graphic novel" and published the 1970s 'zine Graphic Story World, died this week. Read about him here and here.


A profile of the woman who helped give us James Bond.
“They loved him like a son,” says
 Pam Hirsch, Bottome’s biographer. “The spark was lit there, and her ability to be a bestseller, the page-turning quality, I think he learnt that from her.”
In 1960 Fleming wrote to her: “My life with you both is one of my most cherished memories. And heaven knows where I should be today without Ernan.”

A selection of Thor splash pages by John Buscema.


DC Comics will collect Jack Kirby's early 1980s Super Powers stories in an upcoming hardcover.
Out on 29th August for $34.99, it will collect Super Powers Vol. 1 #1-5, Super Powers Vol. 2 #1-6 and Super Powers Vol. 3 #1-4.