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Jack Kirby "Lord of Light" posters for sale

Heavy Metal magazine, which published a selection of Jack Kirby's artwork for the never-made sci-fi film "Lords of Light" in its latest issue is now selling limited-edition prints of several pieces.

"Lord of Light," an adaptation of a Roger Zelazny, was a movie production invented by the CIA as a ruse to get agents into Iran to smuggle out American hostages after the 1979 coup in that country. The story is the focus of the recent Ben Affleck film "Argo." Kirby, as did others working the film, thought they were working on a legitimate production at the time.

Kirby's art was colored in 1970s blacklight style by Mark Englert for publication in Heavy Metal and for the prints, which are being sold in editions of 50 each online at at the upcoming Comic-Con International in San Diego.

You can order them here. Here's a look:

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