Meanwhile in 1966 ... Sofia Loren and Gregory Peck in "Arabesque"

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Cool! Marvel Comics enamel pins from Mondo

I like these. Details on how to order here:

Pop Culture Roundup: Captain America - Civil War; Adventure novels of 1931; Tolkien; The Demon; The Spectre; Joe Simon

The political statistics site FiveThirtyEight puts odds on Captain America winning Civil War.


Hilobrow counts down the Top 10 Best Adventure Novels of 1931.


A recently unearthed map of Middle Earth featuring annotations by "Lord of the Rings" author J.R.R. Tolkien has been added to a collection of Tolkien manuscripts at Oxford University.


Via BoingBoing: A collection of Jack Kirby's double-page spreads from DC Comics' The Demon!


Via The Bristol Board: The Spectre by Jerry Grandennetti, 1975. Trippy!


Via Woman's Day: Joe Simon's granddaughter shares what it was like growing up with Captain America's co-creator.
Joe Simon, to me, was Daddy Joe – my grandfather. Always creatively inclined, I would stand by his side while he drew, hoping to absorb just a tiny bit of his talent. He would show me how to shade and how to work with perspective – how to make Captain America's leg look as though it was leaping toward you. I loved to watch his steady hand ink a solid black line over each pencil stroke. He moved seamlessly.

New Music Friday: Captain America - Civil War; Beau Brummels; Staple Singers

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