Meanwhile in 1966 ... "Fireball 500"

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Price drop on "Wally Wood: Jungle Adventures"

The price for the forthcoming Wally Wood: Jungle Adventures collection has dropped to $28.87, from $39.95 list, on Amazon.

Before Marvel's Wolverine, before DC Comics' Animal Man, Hall of Fame comics creator Wallace (Wally) Wood created Animan! After years of evolution, shortly after leaving Marvel's Daredevil (where he added significantly to that character's creative development), to launch his creation, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents; Wood unveiled his Animan masterpiece in early issues of his ground-breaking self-published magazine, Witzend. Vanguard continues their Wood Classics series, following Wally Wood Strange World, Wally Wood Eerie Crime & Horror and Wally Wood Torrid Romance, with nearly 200 pages of Wood jungle comics spanning from the Golden Age through the 1960s including Animan, Jim King, Sabu, and much more. This book is authorized by the Wallace Wood Estate, owners of the registered trademark, WALLY WOOD.

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