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Coming Up: "Let Me Hang You" by William S. Burroughs

A new LP out this Friday features the late Beat Generation William S. Burroughs reading bits of his cut-up novel "Naked Lunch" over the musical accompaniment of jazz musicians Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz and others.

Twenty years ago, William S. Burroughs was asked to record an audio version of his favorite parts of ''Naked Lunch.'' Hal Wilner and James Grauerholz produced several sessions and recruited a team of world class musicians to help. Famed for their Naked City involvement, Bill Frisell and Wayne Horowitz contributed their genius as well as Eyvind Kang just to name a few. The recordings were then abandoned and collecting dust on a musty shelf as forgotten as a piece of rancid ectoplasm on a peepshow floor. In 2015, Hal Willner decided to reopen this unfinished masterpiece and asked help from King Khan (a musician that he and Lou Reed admired and became fast friends with after two fiery performances by the King Khan & BBQ Show at Lou and Laurie's request in the Sydney Opera House). Hal sent Khan all of the recordings and asked him to add his gris gris to this extremely perverted gumbo...and history was made and the scum began to rise! King Khan recruited M Lamar, the creator of the ''Negrogothic'' movement who also happens to be the identical twin brother of famous transgender actress Laverne Cox (''Orange Is The New Black'') the Frowning Clouds, a band of young Australian boys who have mastered the sixties Garage punk sound and that perhaps WSB would have also enjoyed for other purposes a long time ago. King Khan's new label appropriately named ''Khannibalism'' is proud to present the first LP/CD from this imprint... William S. Burroughs ''Let Me Hang You'' - a collection of depraved genius straight from the godfather of punk's very own mouth. If chills and thrills are what you seek, then look no further, here is the bible of freakdom recited by the pope of the, pull the chair from underneath you and see what happens...

Pop Artifacts: Vintage "Get Smart" spy purse and pen-radio

Via Hake's Auctions:

Coming Up: New Monkees best-of compilations

Two new Monkees best-of collections are due out Aug. 26 in celebration of the band's 50th anniversary.

They include a new single-disk collection, Forever, and a more comprehensive three-disk compilation, Monkees 50.

Forever track list:
1. I'm A Believer
2. Valleri
3. You Just May Be The One (TV Version)
4. That Was Then, This Is Now
5. (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
6. Pleasant Valley Sunday
7. Daydream Believer
8. Last Train To Clarksville
9. She Makes Me Laugh
10. A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
11. Porpoise Song (Theme from "Head")
12. Heart And Soul
13. Words
14. Goin' Down

Monkees 50 track list:

Disc: 1

  1. (Theme From) The Monkees
  2. Last Train To Clarksville
  3. Take A Giant Step
  4. Papa Gene's Blues
  5. I'm a Believer
  6. (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone [2006 Remastered]
  7. She (2006 Remastered)
  8. A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You (Stereo Remix)
  9. The Girl I Knew Somewhere
  10. Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) [2006 Remastered]
  11. Mary, Mary (2006 Remastered)
  12. Sometime In The Morning (2006 Remastered)
  13. Randy Scouse Git (2007 Remastered Version)
  14. You Told Me (2007 Remastered Version)
  15. Shades Of Gray (2007 Remastered Version)
  16. For Pete's Sake (Closing Theme) [2007 Remastered Version]

Disc: 2

  1. Pleasant Valley Sunday
  2. Cuddly Toy (2007 Remastered Version)
  3. Words (2007 Remastered Version)
  4. Love Is Only Sleeping (2007 Remastered Version)
  5. Daydream Believer
  6. Goin' Down
  7. Valleri
  8. Tapioca Tundra
  9. P.O. Box 9847
  10. Auntie's Municipal Court
  11. D.W. Washburn (1968 Stereo Mix)
  12. It's Nice To Be With You (1968 Stereo Mix)
  13. Porpoise Song (Theme from "Head")
  14. As We Go Along
  15. Circle Sky (Live)

Disc: 3

  1. Tear Drop City
  2. A Man Without A Dream
  3. You And I
  4. Listen To The Band
  5. Someday Man
  6. Good Clean Fun
  7. Mommy And Daddy
  8. French Song
  9. Oh My My (2015 Remastered)
  10. I Love You Better (2015 Remastered)
  11. That Was Then, This Is Now
  12. Heart And Soul
  13. MGBGT (Live)
  14. Every Step Of The Way
  15. You And I
  16. Regional Girl
  17. You Bring the Summer
  18. She Makes Me Laugh

Today's Best Picture Ever: "Happy Days" cast

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